Best Rated Tirupati Private Hotels

Best Rated Tirupati Private Hotels

Best Rated Tirupati Private Hotels, Booking and Room Tariff

There is no private accommodation at Tirumala so devotees who can’t get the room at Tirumala used to find the space at Tirumala private accommodation. There are many best-rated hotels in Tirupati but choosing them at critical moments is challenging.

Most of the hotels do offer On arrival booking at Tirupati. One has to make sure the facilities at Hotel before check-in as the amount is not refunded.

It is not required to stay at Tirupati railway station or Bus station if the tariff is high. There are hotels which are 5-6 km from Tirupati Bus and Railway station with good amenities.

Best Rated Tirupati Private Hotels are close to Tirumala Hills and Bus station. It not always good to go with Rating on the website as they are misleading. Private websites do self-rating to boost the economy.


Things not to consider while booking

  1. Hotel Rating and Ranking
  2. Many feel like, Higher the cost, higher the comfort. Which is not true all the time
  3. Hotel Location – No need to stick to location. Moving little far will not make the difference
  4. Hotel Amenities, as we don’t use all the amenities in the hotel. It costs additional to the customer.


Things to consider while booking

  1. Hotel Service – Caring and attention is required all the time.
  2. Transportation to and from Hotel
  3.  Food and Ambiance
  4. Room and Bed Size – It is most important for a group. It reduces additional bookings.
  5. Room Tariff
  6. Check-In and Check-Out hours
  7. Cancellation and Refund Policy
  8. Safety and Security measures – Family feels more secured if the security persons guard during late hours.


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