Batinaya Kona

Batinaya Kona Falls

Batinaya Kona is at Papanaidu Peta Near Renigunta. Water falls from high hills. Lord Siva Temple is located here, this place will be crowded during Sivarathri, special pooja will be conducted here. Lord Sri Venkateswara Padam (foot print) is also available here.


How to reach this place ?

There is no direct transportation to this place,  One should start walking from Papanaidu Peta.

Papanaidu peta is near to Renigunta and little far from Tirupati. A.P.S.R.T.C runs bues to Papanaidu Peta from Renigunta and Tirupati ( at less frequency). Share Autos runs to Papanaidu Peta at high frequency from Renigunta Junction.

The direct bus is not available to the falls. It is by trekking under supervision required.

Falls is located at 22 Km from Tirupati.


Batinaya Kona Video