Auspicious Marriage 2022 Dates in Tirumala

Auspicious Marriage 2022 Dates in Tirumala and Tirupati. Here we are providing generic dates which may or may not apply to you. For more specific dates, please check with a known astrologer.

Auspicious Telugu Marriage 2022 Dates in Tirumala

Month Date
Feb 2022 2Feb, 3Feb, 4Feb, 5Feb, 6Feb, 10Feb, 13Feb, 16Feb, 17Feb, 18Feb, 19Feb, 20Feb
Mar 2022 19Mar, 20Mar, 23Mar, 24Mar, 26Mar, 27Mar
Apr 2022 2Apr, 3Apr, 6Apr, 7Apr, 8Apr, 13Apr, 14Apr, 15Apr, 16Apr, 17Apr, 21Apr, 22Apr, 24Apr
May 2022 3 May, 4 May, 12 May, 13 May, 14 May, 15 May, 16 May, 17 May, 18 May, 19 May, 22 May, 23 May
Jun 2022 1Jun, 3Jun, 5Jun, 8Jun, 9Jun, 10Jun, 15Jun, 16Jun, 17Jun, 18Jun, 19Jun, 22Jun, 23Jun
Jul 2022 No Dates available
Aug 2022 3Aug, 4Aug, 5Aug, 6Aug, 10Aug, 11Aug, 13Aug, 17Aug, 20Aug, 21Aug
Sep 2022 No dates available
Oct 2022 No dates available
Nov 2022 No dates available
Dec 2022 2Dec, 7Dec, 8Dec, 9Dec, 10Dec, 11Dec, 14Dec, 16Dec, 17Dec, 18Dec

Auspicious Tamil Marriage 2022 Dates in Tirumala

Month Date
Jan 2022 14Jan, 20Jan, 27Jan, 28Jan
Feb 2022 6Feb, 11Feb, 18Feb, 21Feb, 25Feb, 27Feb
Mar 2022 4Mar, 9Mar, 10Mar
Apr 2022 14Apr, 15Apr, 17Apr, 18Apr, 21Apr, 22Apr
May 2022 11 May, 12 May, 13 May, 18 May, 20 May, 25 May, 26 May, 27 May
Jun 2022 1Jun, 6Jun, 10Jun, 12Jun, 13Jun, 15Jun, 16Jun, 22Jun, 23Jun
Jul 2022 3Jul, 4Jul, 6Jul, 8Jul, 10Jul, 11Jul, 13Jul
Aug 2022 No dates available
Sep 2022 No dates available
Oct 2022 No dates available
Nov 2022 20Nov, 25Nov, 27Nov
Dec 2022 2Dec, 4Dec, 9Dec

Tirumala Marriage Booking Procedure

  1. The Bride must be 18 years and above
  2. The Groom must be 21 years and above
  3. Both Bride and Groom must be Hindu
  4. Only arranged marriages are allowed at Tirumala
  5. Love marriages with parents’ acceptance are allowed in Tirumala
  6. Minimum 3 months of advance booking is required for the marriages halls
  7. Parents must be available for the Marriage Booking
  8. Bride and Groom’s Aadhar Cards Photocopies/ 10th mark sheet or Date of Birth certificate or SSLC mark sheet photocopies
  9. Bride parents and Groom parents’ Aadhar Cards photocopies are required for the hall booking
  10. A marriage receipt will be issued by the hall manager after the marriage
  11. Marriage registration can be performed here in Tirumala with the Marriage receipt
  12. A marriage registration certificate might take 20 to 30 mins

For more details, please call or Whatsapp us at 7013033309

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