Auspicious dates for Annaprasana

Auspicious dates for Annaprasana in 2019 and 2020, Pooja Timings

Month Date time
Nov 29Nov* 10:37 am
Dec 6Dec* 10:09 am
11Dec 9:49 am
29Dec 8:22 am
Jan 2Jan* 8:22 am
5Jan 10:29 am
8Jan* 10:17 am
9Jan* 11:07 am
12Jan* 10:43 am
27Jan* 9:02 am
Feb 8Feb* 11:39 am
13Feb* 7:54 am
26Feb* 10:27 am
28Feb* 7:48 am, 10:19 am
Mar 12Mar* 9:25 am

The above-mentioned dates are generic and event can be performed on these dates.

* marked at the auspicious dates for Annaprasana or Choronu

To know the specific dates, please consult your astrologer.

For more details, please call @ 85000 85151