Auspicious 2021 Dates for Gruharambham 2022 New House Construction

Auspicious Dates in 2021 for New House Construction, Gruharambham 2022 Muhurtham Timings

New House Construction Pooja Duration: 20 to 30 mins.

Auspicious Dates in 2021 & 2022 for Gruharambham

May 20212May2.54 AM
2May3.37 AM
5May2.42 AM
5May3.26 AM
29May4.22 AM
30May4.18 AM
Jun 20213Jun4.03 AM
4Jun3.59 AM
5Jun3.55 AM
12Jun3.27 AM
13Jun11.47 AM
Aug 202112Aug9.25 AM
13Aug3.43 AM
19Aug3.20 AM
21Aug8.50 AM
21Aug11.38 AM
22Aug8.46 AM
22Aug3.08 AM
25Aug2.56 AM
26Aug8.31 AM
26Aug2.52 AM
Oct 20217Oct4.11 AM
10Oct8.21 AM
13Oct3.48 AM
14Oct8.05 AM
14Oct3.44 AM
15Oct8.01 AM
16Oct12.04 AM
16Oct3.36 AM
20Oct3.20 AM
23Oct3.08 AM
24Oct11.32 AM
27Oct4.26 AM
Nov 20216Nov3.51 AM
10Nov10.25 AM
11Nov3.27 AM
14Nov3.15 AM
15Nov10.05 AM
17Nov9.57 AM
20Nov2.52 AM
24Nov9.30 AM
29Nov9.10 AM
Dec 20218Dec4.28 AM
12Dec4.12 AM
13Dec12.08 AM
18Dec1.01 AM
Feb 20223Feb8.42 AM
5Feb11.48 AM
7Feb9.09 AM
7Feb11.40 AM
10Feb8.57 AM
11Feb8.10 AM
14Feb11.12 AM
19Feb10.53 AM
Mar 202226Mar5.21 AM
27Mar8.32 AM

For more specific dates, Please check with an astrologer. The above-mentioned dates are generic which is applicable for all Janma Nakshatra.