Arjitha Seva Tickets

Arjitha Seva Tickets

Types of booking Arjitha seva tickets and Arjitha seva tickets current booking Process


Tickets Booking process Online 

Booking Arjitha Seva tickets online through T.T.D site Each devotee is allowed to book 2 tickets only and booking is opened for advance reservation before 60 days. Online booking is available from 9 a.m till 12 a.m I.S.T only. Quota will be released at 9:00 am, only after which booking is allowed. Once can see three different colors Red, Green, Blue and White. Red means booking completed, Green means tickets available, Blue means Quota not yet released for the day and white means Seva not Performed on a particular day. It is always advisable to create online profile well in advance so that it would be easy to purchase tickets online when Quota is released.


Current booking process at Tirumala

Through current booking,  pilgrim can get Arjitha Seva tickets at C.R.O (Central Reception Office) Tirumala, and ticket issued is for the next day. Which means, For tomorrow’s seva, ticket will be issued today i.e a day before seva at C.R.O Office Tirumala. Usually crowd will be high at Ticket Counter so plan in advance to get ticket as tickets are issued on First Cum First Serve basis. Pilgrims should follow queue line at C.R.O to get Arjitha Seva Tickets. C.R.O Ticket issuing counter operates from 07:00 a.m


Through Recommendation Letter

Recommendation Letter should be submitted at J.E.O Camp office, Tirumala.. Recommendation letter should be addressed to Either Executive Officer or Joint Executive Officer Tirumala. After letter submission a message will be sent to the registered mobile numbers, if your recommendation letter is considered. After receiving the message, pilgrim can get Seva Tickets from MBC 24 by paying cost of the Ticket and Displaying Valid Photo ID Proof.


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