Ahobilam Swathi Nakshatram Pooja

Ahobilam Swathi Nakshatram Pooja Dates and Timings

Lord Lakshmi Narasimha Swamy took birth on Swathi Nakshatra day. It is believed that worshipping Nava Narasimha on this special will relieve devotees from all Graha Doshas.

Ahobilam Narasimha Swamy Swathi Nakshatram Pooja Benefits

  • Offering prayers Ugra Narasimha Swamy (Upper Ahobilam ie Eguva Ahobilam) will relieve any Dosha related to Surya Graha
  • Worshipping Varaha Narasimha Swamy relieve dosha related to Chandra Graha
  • Praying Malola Narasimha Swamy relieve dosha related to Sukra Graha
  • Jwala Narasimha Swamy pooja reduces malefic effects of Kuja (Angaraka) Graha Dosha
  • Pooja to Pavana Narasimha Swamy removes Dosha related to Ketu Graha
  • Worshipping Karanja Narasimha Swamy removes Dosha related to Rahu Graha.
  • Chatravata Narasimha Swamy Pooja reduces malefic effects of Budha Graha
  • Yogananda Narasimha Swamy Poojas removes Dosha related to Guru Graha
  • Offering Pooja to Bhargava Narasimha Swamy removes Dosha related to Sani Graha
  • Prahalada Varada Swamy (Lower Ahobilam ie Diguva Ahobilam)

Ahobilam Swathi Nakshatram 2020 Pooja Dates

  • 18Jan 2020 – Saturday
  • 15Feb 2020 – Saturday
  • 13Mar 2020 – Friday
  • 9Apr 2020 – Thursday
  • 7 May 2020 – Thursday
  • 3Jun 2020 – Wednesday
  • 28Jul 2020 – Tuesday
  • 24Aug 2020 – Monday
  • 20Sep 2020 – Sunday
  • 18Oct 2020 – Sunday
  • 14Nov 2020 – Saturday
  • 11Dec 2020 – Friday

Ahobilam Nava Narasimha Swamy Darshan

Darshan Dress code: Any decent outfit. Darshan duration: 20 to 30 mins at each Narasimha Kshetra on this special day. It takes 6 to 7 hours to visit Nava Narasimha Kshetra at Ahobilam.

Separate Jeeps are available at Diguva Ahobilam which can be hired to visit 5 Narasimha temples. It cost Rs.2500 for 7 persons.

For more details, please call @ 85000 85151

How to reach Ahobilam?

  • The direct bus is available from Allagadda to the temple.
  • Allagadda is well connected with Hyderabad, Kurnool and Tirupati.
  • From Allaggadda it takes 45 mins to reach Diguva Ahobilam and another 10 mins to reach Eguva Ahobilam.