Ahobilam Accommodation

Ahobilam Accommodation

Ahobilam Accommodation Cost, Online Booking, Availability

Trust rooms are available and are close to the temple entrance.

Accommodation is available only at Lower Ahobilam.

No Trust Rooms are available for the stay in Upper Ahobilam.

The crowd will be high on Swati Nakshatra Day and Narasimha Jayanthi.

Online Booking is not available for the Trust Rooms.

The room will be allotted for 24 hours from the time of check-in.

The devotees who wish to cook on their own can cook at the trust cottages. The devotee has to carry required Food materials.

An extra charge will be levied for using Utensils and Fuel at the cottages.

Trust Rooms price remains constant irrespective of the crowd.

Trust rooms are basic rooms with TV, Bed, Electricity, Water and Western/ Indian Toilet facilities.

Wifi is not available in the Trust Rooms.

Few Trust Rooms offer Free Lunch and Dinner. The devotee usually donates after Lunch or Dinner as Trust runs with donations.

The devotees can have Lunch at Temple as well. Dinner is not available at the Temple.

Please don’t expect High-Class Restaurants or Private Hotels at this location.

5 Trust Cottages are providing lodging facilities at Ahobilam.


For Ahobilam Accommodation Booking Enquiry, Call +91 8500 898000.


Private Accommodation is available but is 2.5 Km from Temple. Only one private stay is available and is far.


How to reach Ahobilam?

The direct bus is available from Kadapa to Allagadda, Nandyal to Allagadda.

From Allagadda, it is 1-hour journey to Ahobilam.

Buses usually stop at Lower Ahobilam but some will go up to Upper Ahobilam.

Bus frequency from Allagadda: 1 hour – 1 hour 30 mins.

Allagadda is well connected with major Cities. Most of the buses from Hyd to Tirupati and Bengaluru runs via Allagadda.

The bus to Ahobilam is Normal-type only.



Ahobilam Accommodation: Temple History


  1. Sir, I could not understand what is TRUST ROOMS and what is TRUST COTTAGES.Can u elaborate . What about MALOLA GUEST HOUSE. It is different (in lower Ahobilam)Can i send a letter and money for booking the accomodations . How o advance book the accomodation. I want to come from BANGALORE.



    Please provide room reservation on 09-06-2018 to 10-10-06-2018. do the needful and oblige.



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