Temples in Tirumala

Must Visit Temples in Tirumala

Temples in Tirumala which a devotee should visit before and after Lord Venkateswara Swamy Darshan.

Before going for Darshan, a devotee should take  a holy dip in Swamy Pushkarini and go for Aadhi Varahaswamy Darshan which is at the entrance of Pushkarini. Only after Aadhi Varahaswamy Darshan, a devotee can have Lord Venkateswara Darshan. Tirumala is also called Aadhi Varaha Kshethra.

Sri Bedi Anjaneya Swamy Temple which is located right opposite to Mahadwaram (main Temple), next to Akhilandam where devotees lit lamps.


Temples In Tirumala

Temples In Tirumala


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  1. Dear Sir,

    I subscribed for TTD MAGAZINE in APRIL but haven’t received it yet. I once happened to see your response for a same query that it will take some time to receive the magazine post the subscription. Kindly clarify…


  2. Dear Sir,

    I booked Rs. 300 tickets for myself and family. In the ticket they have mentioned “ATC car parking” as the assembly point for darshan. Please could you let me know how to reach that place?

    Also, we have booked Rs. 100 rooms in Tirumala. Where should we go and get the room?


    • Dear Sir,
      ATC car parking is near Vaikuntam II. It falls on the same line of Divya Darshan tickets (footpath Darshan). It is easy to identify this place as proper indications are in place.
      Rooms will be randomly allotted at CRO office. All these rooms falls at 15 -20 mins walk

  3. sir,
    I take three ticket of Rs. 300/- and i want to know what is the distance between Bus stop to ATC car parking and distance between ATC car parking to Temple. how many approx time to stand up to que get the get the darshan.

    • Dear Sir,
      It takes 10 mins by walk from Bus stop to ATC car parking area. From ATC, Darshan line moves slowly and might take 1 hour 20 mins – 1 hour 30 mins (includes waiting in the compartment as well)

  4. pls inform me that when will the next tomala and supbratha seva ticktes available. thanks

  5. Sir, I am traveling to tirupati ji with my family on 13-Nov and there is a kid of age 3-4 years along with us. If I understand this correctly, I do not need to buy special darshan ticket (300) for him…right?
    also we have to book return ticket for the same day, so could you plz tell if the darshan tkt is for 12 in the noon, by what time we can have Darshan completed and how long it will take from tirumala to renigunta.

    • Dear Sir,
      Children under 12 years don’t need darshan tickets.
      Darshan ends by 4 pm +20 mins + 1 hour 15 mins journey to Tirupati by bys

  6. sir , i was booked ticket on november 13th 12.00 am . i want to move from chennai. 1.At what time i have to move from chennai? at what time i have to move thirupathi adivaram? please help me sir…

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