Temples in Tirumala

Must Visit Temples in Tirumala

Temples in Tirumala which a devotee should visit before and after Lord Venkateswara Swamy Darshan.

Before going for Darshan, a devotee should take  a holy dip in Swamy Pushkarini and go for Aadhi Varahaswamy Darshan which is at the entrance of Pushkarini. Only after Aadhi Varahaswamy Darshan, a devotee can have Lord Venkateswara Darshan. Tirumala is also called Aadhi Varaha Kshethra.

Sri Bedi Anjaneya Swamy Temple which is located right opposite to Mahadwaram (main Temple), next to Akhilandam where devotees lit lamps.


Temples In Tirumala

Temples In Tirumala


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  1. Dear,
    We will come to thirumala on 10 th March. There is no availability of accomadation at ttdsevaonline.com. How to book accomadation. Is there any other websites available. or we can book accomadation at thirumala on the spot.

    • Dear Madam,

      On Arrival, please visit Srinivasam complex (Opp. Tirupati Bus station) Or Vishnu Nivasam (Opp. Railway station). Rooms will be allotted On Arrival.

      Rooms are available in Tirumala and Tirupati Cottages. I will know the rooms status by 6 pm today.

      Tirumala will always be crowded even if it is minimal so it is advisable to look for rooms at Tirupati.

      Please let me know if you need more details.

      I still one room Rs.800 for 10th Mar. Please login to ttdsevaonline website and change “Accommodation at” to Tirupati.


  2. Hi

    We ( 6adults, 4 children) will be reaching Tirumala on Saturday 12th March. In ttdsevaonline.com there is no accommodation on that day. We are okay for stay at Tirupathi. Please advise how to get rooms.

    • Dear Ramesh,

      Rooms at TTD cottages may not be available. Only option is to look for private accommodation.

      Please let me know if you need details on this


  3. Hi Kamal sir ,

    I have seen the information regarding senior citizen entry in your website , that was very helpful for me and i have one more doubt whether TTD people allow one more person to help the senior citizens ?? i.e can any family member accompany the senior citizen for the darshan ?? My grandmother had a leg operation in december 2015. Please give me information regarding this…


  4. Hi Kamal,
    First, very impressed with this website and up to date information you are providing us. Thank you very much.
    we are coming from Singapore to tirumala on 6-june.
    3 adults (mom (58yrs), husband & wife) & 2 kids( 2 & 5yrs).
    Myself, wife and younger kid will take steps to reach tirumala. My mom and 1 kid will go to room by cab.
    Looking for good accommodation at tirumala so that they can wait for us and we are planning to book kalyanautsavam tickets for 7-june.

    1. Is it very crowded during this time?
    2. can we get tickets for this date?
    3. Any suggestions for good hotels / mutts where we can book the room in advance?
    Since my mom will reach tirumala first, I need a reliable place for them to stay until we reach there.

    • Dear Sir,
      1. Crowd will be normal in Jun month. As vacation time will end by May 3rd Week.
      2. Yes, you can easily book tickets online at ttdsevaonline website. Jun month Kalyanotsavam tickets will be released online on 6th May at 11 am. Seva tickets can be purchased using any Indian bank issued credit/debit card.
      3.No need to stay at hotel or Mutt. You can book rooms online at ttdsevaonline website. Room to be booked on your mother name so that she can collect Room keys at Tirumala rather than waiting for your arrival.

      Please let me know if you need more details

      • Dear Kamal,
        Thanks for the response.
        I checked the availability on the website, there is no ac room available for 6-june. My mother has some skin problems (due to fire accident). I checked the historical weather for june and it is very high. Is there any alternative. kindly suggest.

        • Dear Sir,

          Please login to ttdsevaonline website, click on e-accommodation -> Change “Accommodation at” field value to “Tirupati” and proceed with booking.


    • Dear Kamal,
      Thanks or ur response. I checked in the website. There is no ac room available or 6-june. my mother had skin problem (due to fire accident), June month weather is also very high. Is there any alternative. plz suggest.

      • Dear Sir,
        Please login to ttdsevaonline website, click on e-accommodation -> Change “Accommodation at” field value to “Tirupati” and proceed with booking.


  5. Jeetendra Kumar Jain

    I want Suprabhatam ticket wich time open and I need 2 ticket is possible

    • Dear Sir,
      Jun month quota will be released online on 6th May at 11 am. Yes, you can book 2 tickets using 1 login ID.

  6. Iswaryaa Ramkumar


    We have booked tickets for kalayanotsavam on July 15th. We are planning to reach tirumala by July 14 th .Can we book for accomodation for july 14 and leave after dharshan time on july 15 th?. Please guide us

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