Sri Kalahasti Theertham

Sri Kalahasti Theertham

Sri Kalahasti Theertham, located at Sri Kalahasthi Hills. These sacred water bodies are accessible by walk only.

Sages lived here and it is sacred Theertham located Near Sri Kalahasthi Temple. A bath in these water bodies will destroys all sins and bestows merit, longevity, progeny and happiness in this world and beyond.

These theertham should be approached with devotional thoughts. One shouldn’t consume Alcohol and take Non Veg and these sacred places.

Most of the Theertham’s start from Panasa Kona Village which is 5 Km away from Sri Kalahasti main Temple.


Sri Kalahasti Theertham Gallery


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  1. Dear Sir

    Can u please give me the trinetra guest house contact no. The number you mentioned is not working.
    i want to avail suprabhat seva. can you please tell me how to obtain suprabhat seva tickets.
    i will be visiting temple on 09 Apr 11. I am coming by bus and will reach sri kalahasti at 0300 hrs early in the morning. please advice me how to book accommodation and obtain suprabhat seva tickets on the same day.

    Thanking you

    • Dear Sir,

      Phone booking or online booking is not available. Rooms will be allotment will be done On Arrival only. For Suprabhatha seva tickets, one should purchase tickets a day in advance. Counter usually opens at 5:30 am.

      When comes to rooms, rooms may not be available at Trinetra Guest House as many will be vacating in the noon hours


  2. Sir,

    i am planning to come on 07/04/2016 May i know the Rahu Kethu Pooja timings?

    i am planing to come alone do i need any support of anyone at the time of pooja?


    • Dear Sir,

      No need for any support to perform this pooja. You can do this pooja all alone. On 7th Apr, please perform pooja between 1:30 pm – 3 pm


  3. Dear sir,

    My name is arunkumar DOB- 05-05-1985 and i want to do pooja on sat 19th may i know the best time

  4. Dear Sir,

    I did raghu ketu pooja at kalahasti last month.myself & my 2 daughters have raghu disai in our horoscopes.
    Pls advise whether i should do again raghu ketu pooja again this month .
    If i do this pooja monthly will it help?. pls advise in detail.
    Also pls confirm can we perform raghu ketu pooja after finishing my darshan at Tirupati
    Pls advise.

    Thanks & best regards,

    • Dear Sir,

      Yes, it is advisable to perform pooja one more time.

      This time please follow this procedure

      1) After taking head bath at home or room, reach Temple to perform Abhishekam with Milk to the Idols at Rudra Padam ( which is 100 ft from Pathala Ganapathi Temple) and do 3 Pradakshinam to the Idols after abhishekam.
      3) After Abhishekam, purchase Rahu Ketu Pooja Tickets over the counter.
      4) After Rahu Ketu Kala Sarpa Dosha Nivarana pooja, please offer 2 -3 meal packets to the poor in the streets.
      5) One should fast till they complete this Pooja. One can have liquid foods if required.
      6) After Rahu Ketu Pooja you can take food and then plan to perform Rudrabhishekam
      7) Now you are good to start Home.


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