how to book accommodation in Tirumala

How To Book Accommodation In Tirumala

Here is the detailed process on How to Book accommodation in Tirumala

1)How to Book accommodation in Tirumala through Online Booking

Online booking is available at t.t.d official website

Only 50% of rooms are released online on a daily basis and advance booking is allowed for 60 days.

2) How to Book accommodation in Tirumala On Arrival ?

Pilgrims who are not able to get accommodation online can get room at C.R.O Office Tirumala. Long Standing Queue at C.R.O Tirumala, Rooms will be allotted on First-Cum-First Serve Basis.

3) How to Book accommodation in Tirumala On Arrival with Recommendation Letters

Recommendation Letters are accepted at C.R.O Office Tirumala Recommendation Letter should be addressed to

either Executive Officer Tirumala or Joint- Executive Officer Tirumala.

4) How to Book accommodation in Tirumala On Arrival with Donor Passes

Donor passes are accepted at Donor Cell, C.R.O Tirumala. Rooms will be allotted to the concerned person. Requisition Letter should be addressed to either Executive Officer Tirumala or Joint-Executive Officer Tirumala.


Best Time to get accommodation Tirumala

It is always advisable to plan Tirumala Tirupati Trip during Off Season unless it is unavoidable. Crowd will be less during weekdays Tuesday, Wednesday and Sometimes Thurday’s. Pilgrims rush will be high on Weekeneds.

Peak Times at Tirumala

Tirumala Brahmotsavam, Radhasapthami , Vaikunta Ekadasi, English New Year, Telugu New Year, Radha Sapthami, Public Holidays, and Other Important Festivals.

Tirumala accommodation booking is available right from 9 a.m to 12 P.M IST,


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  1. Sunil. Jiwnani. Ahmednagar. Maharashtra

    Sir I am reaching tirumala on 13 February. But I have no room my family is with me. So pls how can I get the room

  2. Hi,

    My family is reaching Tirupati on Friday. But accomodation is not available in tirumala. Can we accomodation after reaching there?

    If not Can you suggest any good hotel in Tirupati which would be near to Railway Station.


  3. Dear Sir, I am planning to walk with my family, by Sri Vari Mettu on March 28 and now it is learnt that Vasantotsavam starts that day. Will it be crowded during this day? Any restrictions on Divya Darshan?

  4. sravanthi poola

    How to book a rooms on Tirumala.. Pls tell me ….

    • HI Madam,

      90 days inadvance you need to book the rooms in tirumala so you can check the availability and you can book


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