Chenna Kesava Temple Sompalle

Sri Chenna Kesava Temple Sompalle

Sri Chenna Kesava Temple Sompalle is situated at a distance of about 50 Km, north- west of Madanapalle and 37 Km from Horsley Hills.  Its importance can be tracked back to the historic Vijayanagara period.

This Temple was built by a local chieftain of the later Chola’s was considerably improved during the Vijayanagara Period. It is Divtala Temple, The Second Tala in brick having Kostha, Panjara and Sala. It has a cornice with slight projections in the central part.

The great characteristic which stands out in temple is the intricate and dexterous workmanship in the temple shires, The mandapa in front of the three sub-shrines and the ceiling of the Mukhamandapa. The Temple is noted for the it’s monolithic and multiple pillars.

A product of exuberance in architecture of the early 16th Century A.D. The delicacy and fine craftsmanship exhibited in the Kalyana Mandapa and Asthana Mandapa belongs to the gifted artists of original and far superior of the times. The mural art depicting scenes of Ramayana can be seen on the ceiling of the Maha Mandapa.

In front of the Temple is a highly ornamental Dhvaja Stambha in stone, on a high base, which also carries decorations and friezes in series.


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