Wayanad Famous Temples

Wayanad Famous Temples, History and Pooja details.

Valliyoorkavu Bhagavathy Temple

As per the folklore, Vadakkola Nambiar, The priest for Kodungallur temple relaxed under a tree near River Kabani while passing through Wayanad. When he got up from the sleep, he realised that the sword and anklet which he was carrying were missing and all his efforts went vain. A person from Paniya tribe showed him the peepul tree on which sword and anklets were hanging. The Sword and the anklets fell down on offering prayers to the goddess. The priest and the disciples heard the divine voice saying that “Goddess exists here in this place in her three forms, Vana Durga, Jala Durga and Bhadrakali”. The priest then carried divine voice to the King of Kottayam who later built the temple. This temple was built in 14th century AD. Temple is 2 km from Mananthavady.

Thirunelli Temple 

This temple is dedicated to Lord Vishnu and is located at 900 MSL. Temple is 29 km from Mananthavady.

As per the local folklore, Lord Brahma was delighted with the beauty of these hills and saw the image of Lord Vishnu on a gooseberry tree. Lord Brahma built the temple for Lord Vishnu here. The main deity is popular by Thirunelli Perumal. It is believed that taking bath in Papanasini river which flows down the hills remove sins. The priest of this temple leaves Pooja materials in the temple for Lord Brahma to perform Pooja for Lord Vishnu in the early hours.

Seethadevi Temple

This temple is dedicated to Goddess Sita and her Sons Luv and Kush. Temple is located in Pulpally in the Wayanad District. This is the only temple in Kerala built for Sita Devi. Lakshadweep will be celebrated in a grand at this temple.

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