Varadarajaswami Temple in Tirupati

Varadarajaswami Temple in Tirupati Tirumala Description

Temple is located on the eastern side of the Vimana Pradakshinam, to the left, is located the small shrine of Sri Varadarajaswami, It is about 6 mt long and 4.5 mt wide. Varadarajaswami Temple is about 2 mt distant from the inner Gopuram and 60 cm away from the east Prakaram wall. It is crowned with a small Vimana. The Idol faces west and is about 25 cm high and stands on a platform that is about 10 cm high. It has four arms.

The Upper right and Left arms hold the Shanka and Chakra respectively. The lower right hand is in Abhayahastha pose and the lower left is in the Katyavalambitha pose. Varadaraja or ‘the king who bestows boons’ is a form of Vishnu.

There is also an inscription on the temple wall from the 16th year of Ranganatha Yadavaraya’s reign (1354 – 1355). This means that the temple dates from an older era.

It is said that this shrine was built to house the Utsavamurthy Idol of Kanchi Sri Varadaraja, during Malik Kahfur’s invasion of the south. The outer walls are built in the architectural style of the later Chola Period.

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