Vajra Theertham

Vajra Theertham Sri Kalahasti

Vajra Theertham Sri Kalahasti, This theertham water holds medicinal properties as it starts its journey from long distance so bath here will give good health and body and also bestows merit. It is believed that Lord Indra did penance here for a very long time.

Vajra Theertham is located at Sri Kalahasthi Hills, it is reachable by walk. Trekking for 2 hours from Panasa Kona which is 5 Km from Sri Kalahasthi Temple.

Best time to visit this theertham is during the months of Nov-Dev-Jan. One shouldn’t have Non Veg and Alcohol hear. It is purely sacred theertham. Sages used to meditate here.


Theertham Gallery

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Vajra Theertham Sri Kalahasti


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