Vaikunta Dwadasi Newyear Darshan Tickets

Vaikunta Dwadasi Newyear Darshan Tickets

Vaikunta Dwadasi Newyear Darshan Tickets, Quota and Timings

TTD is going to release tickets online for Vaikunta Dwadasi and New Year tomorrow ie. 25 Nov

Vaikunta Dwaram remains open for 29th Dec and 30th Dec. Tickets will be released online on 25th Nov at 10 am Saturday.

5000 tickets will be released for Vaikunta Dwadasi ie. 30th Dec.

10,000 tickets will be released for New Year ie. 1st Jan 2018.

Tickets can only be booked in online. These tickets are not available at Post office or e-Darshan counters.



  1. What are the official timings of Vaikunta Ekadasi on 29 Dec, 2017 ? Please advice.

    What is the best time to have darshan via dwaram in “Sarva Darshan” Q.

    • HI Sir,

      A day before onwards ttd allow into the compartments sir there is no particular timings so plan accordingly.


      • Thanks for your kind reply. Which is best ?

        Option A) Enter into free darshan Q on December 28 Evening

        Option B) Enter into free darshan Q on December 29 Early morning around 1 AM

  2. Sir, what time the queue starts for Vaikunta Darshan? Are v allowed to carry backpack?? Please elaborate, v want to have a Darshan on auspicious day, coming from Bangalore.

    Thank you in advance.
    Om namo Venkateshaya!

  3. I have booked Vikunta dwadasi tickets for 30/12/2017 in the 11am slot online. How much time it will take for Darshan on that date? Though i booked the darshan tickets, room could not be booked as that option was not available at the time of booking. How to get a room atleast for few hours using the darsha tickets ?

  4. We r coming to tirupathi on 29th Dec morning can we make vaikunta dwara darshanam if we come on the same day

  5. on your site it was showing that the darshan qouta for vaikuntdwadshi will be released on 25 dec but you have released the darshan qouta on 25 nov instead of 25 dec so i want to complain regarding the above mention so tell me where should i complain.

  6. Sir i want tickets on 29th December
    How can i get that tickets sir

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