Udupi Krishna Temple

Udupi Krishna Temple, where Lord is in the form of a child because Yasodha wanted to see him in that form.

Udupi Krishna Temple Legends

It is believed that this Idol was made by the divine architect Viswakarma, and worshipped by Rukmini Devi, Lord Sri Krishna’s wife. When Krishna left the earth after his sojourn here in Dwajapara Yuga, the Pandava King Arjuna is said to have hidden this Idol.

As the time passes by the idol was fully covered with clay and loaded on a ship for transportation. As the ship approaches Udupi, Madhwa an ardent devotee of Sri Krishna, sensed the presence of the Lord. Madhwa Saint with his spiritual powers quietened the sea. The grateful captain of the ship offered the entire cargo but the saint took only the part of the cargo. Madhwa recovered the Idol of Balakrishna from the lump of clay and installed here.

Another version of the story, Ship was struck in the storm and hit the rock which leads the whole cargo sank into the sea. Madhwa saint who was on a spiritual journey reached Udupi. While he was meditating at Udupi, he had a vision of the Lord’s idol, rushed to Malpe coast, recovered the Idol and installed it here.

It is said that in the 16th century, there lived an ardent devotee Kanakadasa who was not allowed inside the temple for Lord’s darshan. Kanakadasa with no hope he sat at the back of the temple and began to pray with intense devotion. Suddenly, the idol which was facing East turned west and offered Darshan. Realizing their mistake they honoured the devotee and prayed Lord for their mistake. The window through which Lord gave darshan is called Kanaka Kindi (Window of Kanakadasa)

Udupi Krishna Temple History

It said that the Idol was installed in 13th century AD on a Sankranthi day. Poojas will be performed throughout the day. Temple has a golden chariot which was offered to the Lord, along with a diamond-studded crown for the Lord and a golden cradle.

Udupi Krishna Temple Timings

S.NoTimingsPooja Name
15:00 amTemple opening Hours
25:30 amNirmalya Visarjana Pooja
36:00 amUshakala Pooja
46:15 amAkshaya Patra Gopuja
56:20 amViswaroopa Darshan
66:30 amPanchamritha  Abhishekam
77:00 amUdvarthana Pooja
87:30 amKalasa Pooja
97:40 amTeertha Pooja
108:30 amAlankara Pooja
1110:30 amAvasara Sanakadi Pooja
1211:00 amMaha Pooja
137:00 pmChamara Seva
147:30 pmRatri Pooja
157:40 pmRanga Pooja
168:00 pmUtsava
178:30 pmThotttilu Pooja
188:40 pmKolalu Seva
198:50 pmEkantha Seva

Udupi Krishna Temple Dress Code

Men: Normal Shirt and Pant is also allowed. Restriction for shorts, night pants, modern outfits.

Female: Saree with blouse/Punjabi Dress with Dupatta / Chudidhar with Dupatta/ Half saree.

Udupi Krishna Temple Address

Krishna Complex, G B Panth Road, Udupi, Mangaluru, Karnataka – 576 101.

How to reach Udupi Krishna Temple?

By Air

  1. Nearest international airport is at Mangalore which is at 60.9 km away

By Train

  1. Udupi Railway station is well connected with all parts of Karnataka. Daily trains available from Bangalore
  2. Temple is 4.1 km away from Udupi Railway station.

By Bus

  1. Bangalore to Udupi, Mangalore to Udupi direct buses are available with good frequency.

Udupi Krishna Temple Gallery


  1. Dear sir,
    As prarthana, a pattu vastram and a pearl necklace is to be offered to the lord. What is the procedure? For this how we can have the darshan?

    • Dear Sir/Madam,
      You can contact the temple administrator office on arrival for the above procedure and they will guide you accordingly .
      Thank you.