TTD One Lakh Rupees and Above Donor Benefits

TTD One Lakh Rupees and Above Donor Benefits, Procedure.

1) Rs.100 room will be allotted to Donor and his/her  family members(5 numbers), eligible for a day in a year

2) Donor and his/her family members (5 numbers) are eligible for Darshan thru Supadam Entrance, which is once in a year.

3) 6 Laddus will be offered to Donor, which is once in a year

4) As a Bahuman, One Blanket and One Jacket piece will be offered to Donor, which is once in a year

5) Above mentioned facilities applies to Donor for Lifetime.

6) The donor can have a Tax Exemption.

This information is published by T.T.D, We are here sharing this information for better service to devotees.

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  1. We are family of 8 adults (3 married couples, 2 senior citizens) and 5 children (below 12 years). Can we enter all 8 names for this 1 lakh donation? generally we all like to go together for Darshan

    • Dear Sir,
      I need to check on this. Please give me 4 days so that I can check with staff. Crowd is high in Tirumala so I can’t reach them now. Will definitely check and let you know on this

  2. k Satyanarayanarao

    Sir I ‘my a donor by name k. Satyanarayanarao like to have Darshanam & accommodation July2nd& 3rd 2016, I sent a mail, but no reply.pls help me.

    • Dear Sir,
      Yes, you can avail Special Darshan thru Supadam using Donor pass. Rooms will be allotted on arrival at CRO office for Donors. Please let me know if you need more details

  3. Anil Kumar Lingam

    I am a donar by name Anil Kumar Lingam, So please tell the directions to booking the ticket for Free Darshanam in this month,
    So kindly reply on this same…
    Thanks & Regards,

    • Dear Sir,
      Donors can avail Darshan using the passbook. Darshan is thru Supadam. No advance booking required for Darshan

    • I am a donar by name G Mohan reddy,please tell the directions to booking the accomadation and darshan for the next month.

      So kindly reply on this message.


  4. Dear Sir

    My family and I would like to avail of this darsanam but have misplaced our donor pass. I do have my receipts with me. Please advise

  5. I would like to donate Rs.1 lakh and become a donor. What is the procedure?

    • Dear Sir,
      You can donate online as well. Please visit ttdsevaonline website to donate

  6. Sir,
    I myself and my husband visiting tirumala on 27th September. My donar pass no. 376951. Pl arrange darsan on 28th and accommodation on 27th evening.

    • Dear Madam,
      It is on arrival room allotment at CRO office. Special counter available for donors. Darshan will be thru Supadam on displaying donor pass book

  7. i am a donor of 1 lakh. i want to know that shall i book accommodation in advance or during my visit. My

    passbook no.9855 and Roc.No.AT/195617

    • Dear Madam,
      It is on arrival allotment at Donor cell in TIrumala. Online booking is not required for the room allotment

  8. Dear Sir,

    Can Donor and Donor family member visit tirumula in different days in a year. Myself along with 3 other family member planning in Nov and my uncle planning in December. So, we use accomadation only once. But dharsan, can i and my uncle come in different days with digital pass ?


    Donars cell admin office
    Sir I am b.uma maheswara rao 1 lac donars with pass book no 3919 .
    I have handed over the pass book original personally on 23rd Aug for delationsand additions of names .
    I have not received the book back after corrections .
    The concerned office stall informed that they will send by post may I know the status
    Next month I want to have darsha pl do the need full
    Bum rao

  10. Hi Sir,

    I would like to know the online donor app, whether it is mobile app or a website. Can you please provide the app name or the website address to view the further details.

    Kindly do the needful.

    Thanks & Regards

  11. If I donate 10lakhs what are the benefit i will get

  12. Sir if I donate 3 lakh shall I get break darisanam for once in a year for ten years whether it is possible are not please guide me

  13. Sir.i am donor we plan to come for darisanam next month may I show the passbook At su path am is direct darisanam or I get prior permission to get the ticket at cro office please guide me

  14. Shambhu Nath Singh

    I want to donate RS.more one lakh.Kindly send the guide line for that purpose.

  15. sir we are donor nèed to visit tirumala at next week at dated 6 nov so we need room and darshan facility.

    we again to donate some amount what we do sir

    arun kumar

  16. Dear sir,

    I am 1.0 lakh Donor family member. We plan to come for Darshan on 24th December 2016. May i take any prior permission or direct darshan on that day. Pls guide me.

  17. I mr. RAVI RAMA RAO donated one lakh one hundred sixteen rupees under SVNADTRUST she me in sept. 2016. booking ref.. is DNI 1402200916107.
    I humbly request the authorities to send me the pass book link to avail the benefits provided.
    Kindly do the needful.


    My pass book no 3919.of rs 1.lack submitted in person at admin office k.t road thirupathi for name additions and delations on 23-8-16 .already 3 months passed and I have not received the pass book
    I would like to have darshan in this month
    Request u to pl ensure I receive the pass book immediately

  19. Dear sir,

    I am 1.0 Lakh Donor family member. We plan to come for Darshan on 24th December 2016. Free accommodation to be given for Donor family mentioned in Pass book. For accommodation on that day we take any prior permission from TTD. Pls give mail address to send information for accommodation.

    • Dear Sir,

      Rooms for Donors will be allotted at Donor Cell (Separate cell), CRO office Tirumala. It is On arrival allotment for the donors.


  20. Sir, I am 68 yrs old. I want to donate Rs 10 Lakhs. The privileges are only for my life time or can it be extended to my wife/children ? Thanks

    • Dear Sir
      Yes, it is extended to your wife and children

      • sir, Thanks for the reply.My daughter is in abroad.Can I make the donation on her behalf and be permitted to use the previlages of the donor till she comes back?If I make the payment on her behalf do I get any Tax benefit?

        • Dear sir,
          Yes its possible to donate behalf of your daughter , 5 persons allowed for that privileges mention in the list at the time of donation,You didnt get any tax benifits behalf of your daughter.

  21. Hello Team- we are planing for darshanam on 31 Dec 2016. Would like to donate more then 1lakh . Can we pre book to pay and get darshan ticket ? Can you pls give us any contact number and the details where to pay the amount?

    Thank you

  22. Sir,

    We have booked the Donors accommodation for our visit on 26-11-2016. As told by your official over phone, we have sent the requisition through registered post. Who will give us the confirmation on allotment of accommodation.


  24. sir,
    i want to book room i have a passbook of 1 lakh rupee but i dont know website address please send me

  25. sir,
    ihave apass book of 1 lakh rupee iwant to book room please send me mail-id

  26. My donor ID 140224091625. I have not received any information through mail.

  27. mam,i sent ch.svnat.amt.106000.i recd. with ref. no.DNI140226111693.what is next move?will u pl.explain me. thanks.

    • For my dec1st 2016 letter no responce from you.Please clarify my request dated cheque 14th nov.2016.amount 106000/ and over to chennai office please once again responce my request.

  28. Hi,
    We have a Donor passbook for Rs.1 lakh. My sister is the donor. Her name and my family members names are included. However, my husband name is not in the list of members. Will we still get accommodatio if one of the members name is appearing in person. . How to combine Darshan? Can we buy Rs.300 ticket and combine the Darshan with Donor passbook so that we can have Darshan together. Pleasehelp. Any advice or suggestions appreciated. Thnk you.

  29. Dear Sir,
    I hv a Donor passbook.. 5 names are included, including mine. Should all the 5 visit for accommodation and Darshan?
    My husband name is not in the list. Can he buy separate Rs.300 special Darshan ticket at donor counter and have Darshan with us at the same time as a family?
    Pls help.

    • HI madam,
      yes you can have accomadation and darshan,also your husband can take 300 rs darshan.


  30. Today on 4/12/16 we try to enter the Aadhar No and E Mail adress in the entry form. But we are receiving a note, Sayimg The Donor Number Does Not Exist. Please Do The Needful. Passbok No 12514, 249290/2015

  31. My daughter is one of the Annadanam donor. we will be visiting tirumala on 26/12/2016 with my family

    members. I am very thankful to you to provide accomodation on 26/12/2016 at Tirumala. My donor

    pass book no. 9855 and Roc.No.196517. please acknowledge

    • Dear sir,
      On arrival you have to visit Adhiseshu guest house with your passbook for accommodation

      • Hello sir ,
        we are one of the Annadanam donors ..
        Our Passbook No is 11476..
        Should we inform through mail or any appointment letter to be taken before coming to tirumala for taking donor benfits ..
        Or we can come directly to tirumala and take the facilties by coming Adisheshu guest house …
        will be thankful to you if you guys tell us the proceedure ..
        Please acknowledge

  32. A.Ramalingeswara Rao

    Respected Sir, I am the donor of Nitya anna danam. Passbook No.5146. I requested for swamy vari darshanam on 22.12.16 with my father and sent a letter through speed post on 9.12.16 . Now I want to add my wife name Smt.A.Vijaya Lakshmi for darshanam also a member under my donors card. Further I requested for 15 laddu on payment. Besides i need accommodation. Your kind honour is requested to permit us above. No intimation has been received against my postal letter. Kindly do needful.

  33. hello sir/ madam
    i am a donor of rs. 1,00,000/- . my son completed 12 yrs and 5 days old as on today.. will he be allowed or not? we have decided to have darshan in this weekend.
    if not what alternative do i have ?

    • HI Sir,

      if you have donar pass then 5 of your family members are eligible for darshan as well accomadation, no need to worry about your son.


  34. Hello Sir,

    I am the donor of Rs. 1,00,000/-(Nitya Anna danam). Number – 3007508. Passbook Number – 6467. My daughter in law ( Purumandla Saritha) and Grand daughter(Dasara Anaghasri) came from USA. I would like to come for Swamy vari darshanam on 3rd January,2017 with my Daughter in law, Grand daughter and with few family members. Could you please let us know the process for Accomodation and Darshanam.

    And also I would like to know whether any other family members( whose names are not listed in Passbook) can join with us. Please advise.


  35. hari hara sundaran.k

    i am th donor of rs 1 lak -(k.neru prkash) number 3002035 passbook number 11794 my daughter in law (hari) wought like to come for swamy vari darshnam. but his name is not in this member list, it is possible to allow him to utlize this passbook. cought you please let us know the process for accomodation and darshanam

    • HI Sir,

      You can approach at Jeo office to update her name in the pass book and then they will allot the room and darshan facility.


  36. Respected sir,
    I Mrs GUDEETI SULOCHANA humbly request to you to check the status of my transaction regording donation made on behalf my name. I donated Rs 1,00,016/(-Rupees one lakh and sixteen only) towords NITHYA ANNADAANA DONATION SCHEME on 13 Dec 2016 and received a Reference ID DNI 140220121684 against the trancsaction to my mobil no. But ididnot recive any acknowledgement recipet to my mail id ([email protected]). so i request you to please look into the matter and send the mail. thanking you sir

  37. hi sir i have donor pass book 10 lakhs iam planning darshan on 30 dec 2016 this month is possibell to allowed on that day sir

  38. how to change the numbers of my passbook

  39. Dear sir,
    can you please tell me what will be previlages for 1 lakh donor. i did not find any previlages mentioned in ttdsevaonline donar section.

    • HI Sir,

      please find the link for further details.



  40. Srilatharani mallavarapu

    Sir, i have Australian passport and we are visiting family in India now. I would like to donate 10 lakes under 10 lakhs and above donar scheme. According to website I have to send DD or money order in the name of EO, TTD and I will be sent a passbook to use at every visit to temple. To clarify the process I rang the phone number provided in the website, I was advised to do online transfer and not to worry about demand draft because it takes 10 days for clearance. I was also told that there is no need of sending passport size photos. Can you please clarify the online procedure for 10 lakh donation. Also we are planing to visit temple Around end of January, would it be possible to avail the benifits of donar by that time? How long does it take to get benifits after online money transfer. Thank you for your time.

  41. Resected sir,
    Iam D MAHESH Please check the status regarding this message ( Dear D MAHESH, your payment of Rs. 100000 towards Sri Venkateswara Gosamrakshana Trust is Success. Transaction reference is DNI0402051216123. ) please send e pass book to my mail I’d [email protected]
    Thanking you sir

  42. Gopalan venkatachary

    what is the procedure for online donation of 1 lac and above. ( i.e., how to make on line payment)

  43. Dear sir how to get e pass book and utilize the benefit please help us

  44. Shashikala puttaswamy

    I had donated 1lakh in 2011. Want to attend pooja on 11th n 12th March . How do I reserve or book for the same?
    Dr. shashikalaPrakash


  46. Sir, I already donated 100000 /- on (2009) once in a year I visit VENKATESAN Perumal, pervious I gave my wife name as sujatha its a pet name,now in the entrance they ask I’d proof. In that its sivasankari, what is procedure to change the name as per in I’d proof.

    • HI Sir,

      You can write a letter to the JEO Which is given at pass book so that they can change your wife name in pass.


  47. we are interested to donate a sum of Rs.50000/- by Cash towards Gosamrakshana, can we split the same in 5 names

  48. Chandrasekhar v

    Namo venkateshaya
    Is it possible to donate EMI

  49. I am C V Venkatesh. I donated 1 Lakhs in 2014
    My Pass Book No 7999
    My ID no 040001331

    I am unable to register on E Passbook.
    Please help

    I tried registering with my email address

  50. If we donate 1lakh rs for anna prasdam . Will we get room and darshan for free once a year?

  51. While donating one lakh,should I mention the purpose. Like go samraksha annadhana or can I just donate

  52. I intend donating Rs One Lakh for Srivari dharshan for family members for 10 years. What is the proceedure Sir.

  53. V. Anjaneya Prasadini

    Mrs. V. Anjaneya Prasadini W/o V.V.S. Gurunadha Rao
    H.No. 11-13-1221, Road No.2, Vasavi Colony, Hyderabad – 500102

    Mobile: +919676541782

    Adhar No. 2143 7006 4219

  54. V. Anjaneya Prasadini

    Request to upload my Donor pass for down loading

  55. Hi,

    I wanted to update the Donor Information online and get the E- Donor pass book so that I can darshanam of Lord Venkateshwara… Could you please help me where can I find my Donor ID in the Pass Book.

    • Dear Sir,

      You can update your donor information in online itself through ttdsevaonline

  56. I want to become a donor
    What is the procedure ??

  57. I wish to donate Rs,1,50,000/- May I get the accomadation and other benefits on 25.6.2017 already booked for darshan.Pl reply

  58. How to avail Donar benefits in respect of accommodation and darshan thru Supadam Entrance? please clarify

  59. Do we have to do the donation as a lumpsum amount to get the priviledges? Say, to get benefits of 1 lakh donation, should I do the donation at one go? Or I can do the donations in multiples of 10000 Rs for 10 times and then avail the benefits?

    • HI Madam,

      You have to donate the amount at a time to get the privilages of one lakh rupees not in multiples for 10 times.


  60. Dear Sir,
    Kindly explain the procedure in which we can donate Rs one lakh as donation Is there any prescribed

    age limit for the donars. Kindly give the required details.

    A.K. Seshadri

    • HI Sir,

      You can donate the amount in online at ttd official website sir,there is no age limit for donating.


  61. Sir, whether the donor can change the accompanying members every year

  62. I will be coming for tirumala for darshan on 16th december 2017 with my family members please reserve 3(three) rooms in the VIP guest rooms.

  63. ONLY donors are allowed to see the idol closely or
    Is there any other way so that idol can be seen closely?

    • HI Sir,

      if you book the special seva tickets like suprabhatam,thomala,archana,nija pada darshanam you will get the close darshan of deity


  64. suppose if I donate Rs.1 Lakh

    Shall I take Darshan every year

    kindly inform details for the same

    • Hi Sir,

      yes you can get the darshan once in a year for 5 members and 100 rs room will be alloted for you,6 laddus will be offered


  65. Sir, I have booked room for 16th Dec 2017 and slot selected is 12 pm to 23.59 but I ll be reaching in the morning(8am) of 16th. Whether I need to Waite till 12pm or will they allot room.
    Also clarify that rooms alloted to doners will be how for from temple

  66. Sir please give information abt tax emotion period for how many years for 1 lakh donors

  67. Can i book free accomodation for five members in vip cottege for five beds one day before we arrive. Krishnamurthy bangalore

    • HI Sir,

      on arrival you can contact at the JEO Office for room allotment sir


    • Gandi.Ramakrishna

      I am a one lakh donar. Is it necessary to register my pass book no. and ID to have darshan and accomidation in online. I would like to have Sri Vari Darshan on 27th and 28th March 2018.We the couple are senior citizens. For information nobady is lifting Donor cell. So please guide us

  68. Hello sir,
    we are in the list of donors for NityaAnadhanam trust of 1 lakh rs ..
    Can we get the free accomodation and sreevari dharsan on 24th of Dec 2017 ..

  69. Hello sir

    We are in the list of donors nityanadhanam trust of 1 lakh . Can we get srivari darshanam and free accomadation on 23rd December 2017


  70. I have made 3 donation s to TTD trusts. Can I avail the ladoo prasadam of all 3 passbook on the same day? I shall have darshan after scanning barcode on only 1 passbook. Other 2 will not be scanned at supadam entrance, so will I face a problem at Ladoo counter? I am doing this cos my visiting privileges expire on 31 Dec.

    • HI Sir,

      from 27th to jan 2nd there is no special darshan available so you can plan before that after darshan one single passbook you can get the laddus


  71. hi i am donor in TTD , should we prior inform or do any booking for room facilities in tirumala

  72. At what time and where do the donor have to report to get supadham entry..does he/she has to contact anyone in advance?

    • HI sir,

      You can contact at jeo office a day before and you can have the supatham entrance with your pass book


  73. I am a Donor reaching Tirupati on 18th. Want to visit temple on 19th . Can I come to Donor office on 19 thmorning for donor pass or can I directly go to thaDarshana gate with pass book. What time is donor
    Visit starts

  74. Sir
    I want to donate Rs one lakh to ttd annaprasadam scheme which kind of benefits shall i get for this scheme how shall i pay the amount


    • HI Sir,

      You can pay in online and also you can get the darshan yearly once and accomadation for one day and for further details you can check the below link



  75. How to enter for dharsan for donors in computer.

  76. I donated 1 lac in 2102, i am using this passbook first time can we do darshan 0n 6th Feb. 2018 directly or we have to inform

    • HI Sir,

      With the passboook you can enter from the supatham and for more details you can contact at 9393939510


  77. I have donated 109000 in 2017, How to book the free accomdation

  78. I am a donor and wish to book accommodation.How do i proceed?

  79. what is supdam entrance in tirupati if i give rs. 1 lakh donation please explain

  80. I donate 1 Lakh Rs. on Dec.2017.How can I avail free dharshan.I book thro’on line in advance or straight a way go for dharshan

  81. I want to donate 1 lakh in the name of my son who is 7 years old,authorities will accept?

  82. I want to donate 1 lakh pl how to contact pl tell me its my moblie no 9980525358

  83. I am donating one lakh Rs. for anna dhanam scheme 3months back.Now how can I avail dhashan and room booking


    by which name Demand drafts of donation can made ?

  85. I want to donate of Rs . 1,00,000 in my son’s name and also want to come Thirupati . Please mail me the procedure .



    • HI sir,

      You can donate through the online sir please once check out the ttd official website


  86. I want to change one of the name in the existing 5 members. Can i change thru online. Dontion is in the name of my daughter K.R.SRIVARSSINI, MADURAI(TAMILNADU)

  87. svs satyanarayana

    Sir, my mother and my father want to donate Rs 1 lakh for gosamrakshna trust. Please send application form for donation and any forms relating to the trust for donation.

  88. Sir, My mother donated 1 lakh rupees last yr. This yr we would like to avail darshan on 2 nd june. We would like to change one of the name of existing family members. I already mailed regarding this to [email protected] on 13th may. But till now no reply regarding this. Pls guide us what to do. Can i redeem now and change after coming to tirumala?
    Also sir one more question. Can an Ex service army man avail darshan thr supadam. If so what is to be brought as proof and what is the procedure?
    Thanking you in anticipation.

    • HI Madam,

      on arrival you can contact at jeo office to change the names and for more details you can contact at 9393939510


  89. At what time one lakh donors can have darshan on Sunday? Pl

  90. Srinivas Goparaju

    What is the name of this scheme?

    • Dear sir,
      There are different schemes running for different amount of donations, please call at 9393939150 we can guide you.
      Thank you

  91. Sir for one lakh donation the room is allowed for donor for every year or only that one year

  92. If donation is minor her donate will accepted??

  93. Dear Sir/Madam,
    you need to check that with the official site where you booked please do contact the site you used while booking.
    Thank you.

  94. Under lakh Annadanam scheme oly 5 family members
    are allowed. In case one person exceeds whether TTD
    allow the extra one member on taking of Rs.300/- ticket
    through supadha.

  95. We are interested to pay 1.0lakh for nitya anna danam.sir tell me the , information of the persons how submit to you.

  96. how do we book darshan tickets and accommodation through online under donar previliges ?

    • Dear Sir/Madam,
      You need to book online for booking special darshan and accommodation please contact 9393939150.
      Thank you.

  97. Sir, we are the donor of Rs.1 lakh. We wish to utilize the donor scheme benefits of Darshan & Accomidation in the month of January”2019. We are first time users under the scheme. Please inform the details of the above advance booking and inform advance period of booking and confirmation.

    • Dear Sir/Madam,
      You need to contact the official site for detailed information regarding donor darshan.
      Thank you.

  98. I am a donor of Rs one.lakh and above. I have redeemed.darshan for 2018. I want to change the list of members accompanying this year Pl let me know how to change the members list. I went to my activities for changing the names but it is not allowing.. kindly guide me.

  99. I am a donor of rupees one lac and above and I would like to avail darshan on 15th Jan 2019.I don’t need choutry facility.How do I apply for it and when can I do it?

  100. i am donor i have made payment 1st payment on 03-07-2018 fo the amount 50000 and i made on 17-12-2018 another payment of 50000 again but i made mistake add my name sudhakar rajachar only i made jointly again my name sudhakar rajachar please kindly make joindly my wife name Kusuma sudhakar her adhaar card no 443880150000 please do the same collectiviley joined totall payment one lake please issue donor and do benefits of darsan &accomidation thanking you sir

    • Dear Sir/Madam,
      You need to check with the official site, or else contact where you have donated the amount.
      Thank you.

  101. I have got a donor pass for one lakh .I want to have darshan with my family of 5 members.How to book for the darshan with the donor pass?

  102. Are children below 12 years age counted in the family of 5 for donors darshan?

    • Dear Sir/Madam,
      No they are not counted , normally kids under 12 years no need to get tickets.
      Thank you.

  103. i want to book one lac rupees darshan. so guide me how to book

    • Dear Sir/Madam,
      You need to be a donor for that darshan please check with the official site .
      Thank you.

  104. My name join in one lakh scheme

    • Dear Sir/Madam,
      You can check with the official site for booking please call on 9393939150.
      Thank you.

  105. Dear Sir,
    Am S.Ramgopal from Bengaluru… I want to be a Donor of 1lakh.. How to deposit the money should we come directly there or what is the way and once in a year, 5members are allowed for Darshan…we can go still near and have Darshan or normal line. Please reply. Thanks

    • Dear Sir/Madam,
      You can make online donation as well and avail the privilege for the donor darshan .
      Thank you.