Trimbakeshwar Pitra Dosh Puja Date and Timnigs

Trimbakeshwar Pitra Dosh Puja Procedure, Cost, Online booking, Benefits

This Pooja is performed for 3 days. Veg to be consumed during this time.

Dress Code: New clothes required for the Puja as it has to be disposed of after Puja

Male:  Has to participate with Dhoti and Vest.
Female: Has to participate in Saree with blouse / Punjabi Dress with Dupatta / Chudidhar with Dupatta.

Dress Colour: Preferable White. Colour should not be Green or Black.

Trimbakeshwar Pitra Dosh Puja Procedure

  1. The devotee who wishes to perform this pooja should reach a day in advance. This Pooja will be performed only on specific days.
  2. This Pooja will be performed to get rid of Pitru Dosh, Prata Dosh, Matru Dosh, Bhatru Dosh, Patni Dosh or Matul Dosh ie. Father, Mother, Brother, Carcass, Wife and Some staff.
  3. On the first day, devotees should take bath in Kushavarta followed by the offerings.
  4. Followed by Lord Siva Darshan in the temple.
  5. Then the Puja will be performed in a Dharmashala, which is the merging point of Rivers Godavari and Ahilya.
  6. This Puja is called by Narayan Nagbali Puja.
  7. Devotees are required to stay in Trimbakeshwar for all these days.
  8. Puja Cost varies from one Pandit to another.

Trimbakeshwar Pitra Dosh Puja Benefits

  1. To avoid sudden deaths in the family.
  2. To avoid frequent abortion
  3. To get rid of financial loss.
  4. To avoid wastage of money.
  5. To get rid of any Dosh related to marriage.
  6. To avoid frequent disputes in the family.
  7. Frequent illness
  8. Lack of Peace and stability in the family. 

Trimbakeshwar Pitra Dosh Puja 2023 Dates


Pitru Dosh Puja 2023 Dates

Jan 2023

 1Jan , 4Jan , 8Jan , 12Jan , 15Jan , 19Jan , 22Jan , 28Jan , 31Jan

Feb 2023

4Feb, 7Feb, 10Feb, 15Feb, 19Feb, 24Feb,28Feb

Mar 2023

4Mar, 7Mar, 10Mar, 14Mar, 18Mar, 24Mar, 28Mar, 31Mar

Apr 2023

3Apr, 7Apr, 11Apr, 14Apr, 20Apr, 23Apr, 27Apr, 30Apr

May 2023

3May, 7May,12May, 17May, 20May, 25May, 28May, 31May

Jun 2023

3Jun, 8Jun, 14Jun, 17Jun, 21Jun, 24Jun, 28Jun

Jul 2023

1Jul ,5Jul, 11Jul, 15Jul, 18Jul, 22Jul,26Jul, 29Jul

Aug 2023

2Aug, 7Aug, 11Aug, 15Aug, 18Aug, 22Aug, 26Aug, 29Aug

Sep 2023

3Sep, 8Sep,11Sep, 14Sep, 22Sep, 25Sep, 30Sep

Oct 2023

3Oct, 6Oct, 9Oct, 12Oct, 20Oct, 23Oct, 28Oct, 31Oct

Nov 2023

4Nov, 7Nov, 16Nov, 19Nov, 25Nov, 28Nov

Dec 2023

2Dec, 5Dec, 9Dec, 13Dec, 16Dec, 22Dec, 25Dec, 29Dec

Auspicious Days for Pitra Dosh Puja

  1. Pitru Paksha Days
  2. Mahalaya Amavaysa (Highly preferred)
  3. Amavasya Days

How to reach Trimbakeshwar Temple?

By Air

  1. The nearest airport is at Mumbai which is 179 km away. The direct bus is available from Mumbai and Pune to Nashik.

By Train

  1. The nearest railway station is at Nashik which is 37 km away.

By Road

  1. Temple is easily reachable from Nashik station as bus frequency is quite high.

For more details, Please call on 73768 77047


  1. 3 din pitra dosh ki pooja me kitna kharcha ayega or 16 april se krwa skte he kya sath me mangal ki pooja bhi krwana he plz suggest