Today Tirupati Darshan News

Today Tirupati Darshan News, Darshan waiting Time, Rs.300 Ticket status

11Aug Darshan Updates

  1. All Compartments are full and Darshan line running out of the Compartments for 3 Km.
  2. Sarva Darshan is taking 26 – 30 hours.
  3. Expected Divya Darshan waiting time: 10 – 12 hours.
  4. Divya Darshan Tokens fully booked and Alipiri Mettu Counter closed by 9 am and Srivari Mettu by 12 pm.
  5. Special Entry Darshan: 2 -3 hours.
  6. Yesterday ie. 10Aug, 90623 devotees had Darshan.
  7. Hundi Donations: 2.61 Cr.

Expected 12Aug Darshan Waiting Time

  1. Sarva Darshan: 15 – 17 hours
  2. 31 Compartments are filled with devotees.
  3. Darshan Queue line starts at SMC.
  4. Divya Darshan Waiting Time: 10 – 12 hours.
  5. Please plan to start by 5 am for Srivari Mettu and 10:00 pm for Alipiri Mettu steps Darshan.
  6. 92,291 Devotees had Darshan.
  7. The crowd will be high for this week ie. 12Aug- 18Aug due to Public Holidays.
  8. Hundi Donation: 3.7 Crores.

For Today Tirupati Darshan News, Please call @85000 85151

Senior Citizen Darshan, Infant Darshan and NRI Darshan remain unaffected.

Senior Citizens, Differently abled devotees and Patients can get Darshan tickets at the Counter opposite to S.V.Museum.

Common Darshan FAQs?

Is assistant allowed with Senior Citizen for Darshan?

Srivari Sevaks will be assisting for the Darshan. If Senior can work properly then the assistant will not be considered.

Is a child allowed for senior citizen Darshan?

Only, Seniors can have Darshan. Grandchildren allowed on special cases.

Is Senior Citizen Darshan line and Infant Darshan Line are from the same entry point?

No, Seniors will have quick Darshan and entry point is near Tirumala Nambi Temple. Infant entry is from Supadam and this line merged with normal Darshan line at the end of the compartment.

How much time for Senior Citizen Darshan?

1 hour 30 mins -2 hours. Darshan Timings: 10 am and 3:00 pm.
Darshan Ticket counter opens at 6 am for the same day Darshan.

How to book Tirupati Darshan tickets on arrival?

On arrival, tickets can be booked at Srinivasam complex. Daily, 400 tickets are reserved for the same day Darshan. This counter will be closed on peak season.

What is the Dress code for Senior Citizen Darshan?

Any decent outfit considered for Darshan.


  1. Wil a senior citizen with wheel chair will be allowed for darshan, as she can’t walk

    • Dear Sir,
      Yes, The devotee, in this case, can have an entry from Mahadwaram. Srivari Sevaks and relatives can assist devotee.

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