Tirupati Hanumantha Vahana Seva

Tirupati Hanumantha Vahana Seva details, importance

Tirumala, 28 September 2017: The processional deity of Lord Malayappa Swamy in the guise of Venkatadri Sri Ramachandra Murthy was taken out in procession atop Lord Hanumantha Vahanam in Tirumala on the sixth day morning as a part of nine-day Brahmotsavam.

Hanumantha Vahanam Significance: Lord Hanuman is known for total Saranagathi or totally surrendered before his Master Lord Sri Rama by performing the duties as a disciplined soldier without deferring the orders. Hanuman is believed to be an incarnation of Lord Siva.


Noticing the mightiness of Lord Hanuman which enhanced when he carried Lord Malayappa Swamy, and glided along four Mada streets, Annamacharya penned the famous Sankeertan, Mangambudi Hanumanta..nee sharana” which spells the divine magic on the hearts of devotees.


Another interesting feature is while all other carriers are noble servants of Lord, it is only Hanuman who holds the credit being worshipped as a Lord. So Lord Malayappa takes a ride on Lord Hanuman. In this manner, the devotees get the double dhamaka darshan of both Lord Vishnu and Lord Siva in the form of Lord Malayappa as Venkatadri Sri Rama and Lord Hanuman. After Garuda, Lord Malayappa takes a ride on Hanumantha Vahanam to show the devotees the true meaning of “Sampurna Sharanagathi”

Tirupati Hanumantha Vahana Seva Images