Tirumala Tirupati Tirthas Legends

Tirumala Tirupati Tirthas Legends, references from Puranas

Once upon a time a certain Brahmana was preparing to start on a pilgrimage to the holy waters and Kamaladhisa (Vishnu), appearing to him in a dream, asked him why he intended to go on that religious tour and intimated to him, “On this Pushkara Saila are situated seventeen sacred Tirthas and among them the Kapila-Saras is the holiest. By bathing in these seventeen tirthas as enjoined in the Sastras will doubtless accrue to you the merit resulting from the bath in all the tirthas on the earth.”. Accordingly, Brahmana gave up the programme of his intended tirtha yatra, proceeded to the Venkatachala, bathed, in order, in the seventeen tirthas and obtained merit.

The inherent powers of the three crores and a half of the tirthas situated in the three worlds are existent in this Harigiri.

Tirumala Tirupati Tirthas Legends

Pandava Tirtha – On the advice of Sri Krishna, the five Pandava brothers came to Venkatachala and lived for a year at a certain tirtha on it protected by the Kshetrapalas, making use of its water for bathing, drinking and other purposes. At the end of the period Dharmaraja dreamt one day that,  in as much as they had lived for a year at that maha tirtha, their sins had vanished, giving place to goodness, by the accession of which they would secure victory in war and regain their kingdom. Since the time of their habitation, the tirtha has come to be known as the Pandava Tirtha.

Jarahara and Other Tirthas  – The three tirthas, Jarahara Tirtha, Valighna Tirtha and Rasayana Tirtha, live on the Chintamanigiri in the caves of the hill on the eastern side of the swamy pushkarini, within a distance of twenty-two arrow shots; but they become evanescent through the Maya (illusion) of God; and even the Devas have not seen these sacred Tirthas.