Tirumala Theertham 2022 Opening Dates

Tirumala Theertham 2022 Opening Dates, Entry Procedure and Trekking Distance

In 2020 and 2021, Entry to Theerthams were denied following COVID safety measures. So, we are not sure about 2022, Theertham opening. TTD performs Pooja at these Theerthams as mentioned below irrespective of devotees.

In general, TTD makes the arrangements in collaboration with Forest Department to the Theerthams by providing Water and Food along the Trekking path. It is free entry for all devotees irrespective of the age.

For Tumburu and Rama Krishna Theertham, entry point is from Papavinasanam Dam. Usually, Devotees reach a day in advance and stay at Theertham and return on the next day morning after taking a holy bath. The devotees can also reach Theertham on the same day and can return by the evening. It is a complete trekking thru the forest area so it is advisable to follow the group. Forest guards will be available along the path to assist the devotees.

It is said that Matrusri Tarigonda Vengamamba used to stay near Tumburu Theertham. Usually, TTD allows Sesha Theertham Trekking as well.

Tirumala Theertham 2022 Opening Dates

Date Day Theertham Opening
17Jan 2022 Monday Sri Ramakrishna Theertham
16Feb 2022 Wednesday Sri Kumardhara Theertham
18Mar 2022 Friday Tumburu Theertham

We will keep you posted with the Abhijit Lagnam (Auspicious time) for the holy bath in the Theertham. It is believed that Devas, used to take bath in Tumburu Theertham during Abhijit Lagnam. There is no dress code for the Trekking, it is advisable to wear decent outfit. For Tumburu Theertham, the crowd will be high.

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