Tirumala Sri Ugra Srinivasa murthi Kaisika Dwadasi

Tirumala Sri Ugra Srinivasa murthi Kaisika Dwadasi

Tirumala Sri Ugra Srinivasa murthi Kaisika Dwadasi

The annual Kaisika Dwadasi Asthanam  will be performed in Tirumala on 23 Nov.The idol will be bought in a procession at wee hours only on Kaisika Dwadasi. Abhishekam, Archana and Alankarana will be performed to Ugra Srinivasa murthi along with His Consorts Sridevi and Bhuvdevi.

In connection with the festival, the idol of Lord Ugra Srinivasa along with his two divine consorts Sri Devi and Bhu Devi will be taken around the four mada streets encircling the holy shrine in a grand procession even before the break of dawn as is the age-old tradition.
The significance of this festival is that it only on this particual day in the entire year, that the idol of Ugra Srinivasa Murthi is brought out from the sanctum sanctorum.

This festival starts at wee hours and ends before sunrise, as Sun rays should not touch Ugra Srinivasa murthi.

Legends have it that the rays of the sun should not touch this idol, and if they do, it would bring incalculable harm to the world.


Ugra Srinivasa murthi procession

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  1. Adien s full name is pennaivalem thiruvenkat govindrajan is a Tamilian Brahmin iyenghar aiyanghar Shrivaishnavaa vadakalai n is indebted to know this Ugra Srinivasan murther with his divine consorts srindevi n bhi Devi being brought in procession in all the four made streets in tirupati in the wee hours before sunrise as sun s rays should not fall on the almighty lest it will bring bad luck to the entire world, what a legend is almighty n I fall with shashtangha namaskar before this almighty with his divine consorts, anugraham panna venue ennaiyum Ella ulaghathil irruporaiyum, Dasani.