Tirumala Pournami Garuda Vahanam

Tirumala Pournami Garuda Vahanam

Tirumala Pournami Garuda Vahanam, Timings and Dates

Date Day Timings
10th May 2017 Wednesday 7:00 pm – 9:00 pm
9th Jul 2017 Sunday 7:00 pm – 9:00 pm
6th Sep 2017 Wednesday 7:00 pm – 9:00 pm


Devotees can watch the Seva from the gallery. The deity Lord Malayappa will be taken out in a procession on Garuda Vahanam around Thiru Mada Streets. This is monthly Garuda Seva which runs on every full moon day.

No advance booking is required to watch this Vahana Seva in Tirumala. The bus frequency is quite from Tirupati to Tirumala.



  1. Would like to know the next schedule of garuda vahanam. Also, wanted to know how do i get garuda muddha for santhanam.

  2. B u v Satyanarayana

    next schedule for garuda vahanam is dec 3rd

  3. A V Bhaskar Reddg

    Sir , please tell me pournami garudaseva dates in 2018 April and May month…

  4. sir plz tell me pournami garuda seva in 31 march in 2018

  5. please inform me April 2018 pournami garudavahana seva exact date as soon as possible thanq

  6. s dhakshinamoorthy

    Sir pl furnish the pournami garuda sevas in the year 2018(from april 2018 onwords)

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