Tiruchendur Subramanya Temple

Tiruchendur Subramanya Temple is second among the six holy abodes of Lord Murugan.

Tiruchendur Subramanya Temple History

After killing Soora Padma and Asuras at Veeramahendra, Lord Subramanya came here and worshipped Lord Siva. The Linga worshipped by Him is found in the Moolasthana.

As per the folklore, Valli, the first wife of Lord Subramanya ill-treated Devayani, his second wife. Knowing this, Lord cursed Valli to be born in a low community. When Valli pleaded the Lord for mercy, he told that she would be born as the daughter of one Kanchana, a Deva Kannika, in disguise as a deer on the Earth and that she would be brought by the hunters and in the course of time he would himself come to marry her. The Hunters were also Gandharvas born so as a result of the curse of Hema Rishi.

It is said that Sage Narada had Viswaroopa Darshan of Lord Subramanya and he brought Lord Vishnu and His devotees in Vaikuntha  to this place to worship the Viswaroopa.

Lord Brahma did penance here for the Lord to have his fifth restored to him. Indra worshipped Lord Subramanya here and relieved from the sins.

Tiruchendur Subramanya Temple miracles

Kumaraguruparar was born dumb and at the age of five, his parents brought him to this temple and prayed Lord Muruga. The child was blessed with the voice who sang the famous Kandar Kali Venba.

A Vaishnavite, Pahazhi Koothar, who was living at Village Sanyasi near Ramnad and was suffering from severe chronic stomach ache. He was relieved from the pain after worshipping the Lord here. He later composed “Tiruchendur Pillai Tamil” in honour of Lord Subramanya.

In 1648 AD, some Dutch merchants took away the Idol of the Lord and tried to melt it imagining it to be made of gold. There was a cyclone and the frightened merchants threw the idol into the sea. One devotee, Vadaalayappa pillayan who came to know of it went to the sea and recovered the idol and installed it in the temple in 1653 AD.

How to reach Tiruchendur Subramanya Temple?

By Air

  1. Nearest airport is at Tutticorn, which is 39 km from the temple.
  2. Temple is 172 km from Madurai International airport

By Train

  1. Thiruchendur is well connected and is reachable by Bus and Train.

By Road

  1. Tiruchendur is easily reachable from Tuticorin

Tiruchendur Subramanya Temple Images

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