Thulabharam Weighing Procedure

Thulabharam Weighing Procedure

Thulabharam Weighing Procedure, Items, and Cost

Here is the step by step procedure
1. Enter Darshan line and keep moving
2. Right after Entering Mahadwaram i.e main temple gopuram. You can check for Thulabharam on the left-hand side.
3. Detach from the Darshan line and move to Thulabharam site
4. Staff will weigh the person and let you know the amount to be paid at the Bank which is available there.
5. Pay the amount and get the receipt from the bank counter and show the receipt to the staff
6. Now they will weigh the person with actual item (like jaggery, coins..etc)
7. After completing this event, join back darshan line.



Item Weight Cost
Rice 1 Kg Rs.41
Sugar 1 Kg Rs.40
Jaggery 1 Kg Rs.38
Sugar Candy 1 Kg Rs.30


1 Rupee Coin 1 Kg Rs.202
2 Rupee Coin 1 Kg Rs.332
5 Rupee Coin 1 Kg Rs.565



  1. My son weighs 70kg. What is the value to be deposited for rice

  2. I need clear clarification about thulabharam proceedures. Bcoz i will fulfill my prayer commitment in october 2017 for my new birth daughter month.

    • HI Sir,

      Any time you can perform the thulabram process while getting the darshan and also you can get the ingredients at the thulabaram counter.


  3. Do the bank accept credit/debit cards? Or should we carry enough cash?

  4. Hi ,
    I’m holding a three month baby .. Is it safe to carry her for thulabaram?? Will it b rush near main entrance? Please give ur suggestions

    • Hi Madam,
      in weekends there will be much rush, but the rush is normally high at tirumala every day it’s better to avoid weekends.

      Thank You.

  5. How much weight does the thoolabaram hanger in thirumala can balance?

  6. Hi sir,
    Please let me know the private accommodation in tirumala on Aug 13th.

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