Tara Tarini Nitya Bhog

Tara Tarini Nitya Bhog, Archana Cost and Timings

Nithya Bhog Cost: Rs.11,000

Bhog Timings: 12:45 pm. Daily.

Tara Tarini Nitya Bhog

The devotee can choose the date and Bhog will be offered on his/her name and family. It is performed once in a year on the devotees’ name. The devotee can avail this Bhog at the temple for the mentioned date. If not collected it will be offered to devotees.

Nithya Archana Cost: Rs.5000 – Rs.11,000

Archana will be performed on Devotees Name or suggested names. It is performed once in a year as opted by the devotee. The devotee who contributed amount Rs.5000 to Rs.11,000 can avail this opportunity

The donation is accepted at the temple admin office or thru DD/MO.

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