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Tirupati Darshan Timings for Free and VIP Tickets

Tirupati Darshan Timings

Tirupati Darshan Timings. Tirumala Darshan, Sevas, and Temple activities. It is believed that Lord Brahma used to worship Lord Venkateswara during the night. Prayers will be offered as per Vykhanasa methods to the Vyuha Swarupa. In three beautiful postures known as Tribhangi, Lord Venkateswara appears amazingly and delightfully. He wears a conch (Sankhu) on his left shoulder, a discus (Chakra) on his right shoulder, and a right arm that extends down towards his feet, granting boons. His left arm is displayed to ensure protection. He has jewelry on his shoulders, arms, waist, calves, and Lotus Feet in addition to Vanamala. The Swamy with the broad chest, adorned with a gold-covered salagrama garland. Tirupati Temple Darshan Timings S.NoTimingsDetails102:30 am- 03:00 amSuprabhatha …

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