Sudarsana Homam Benefits and Procedure

Sudarsana Homam Procedure and Benefits, Cost and Booking details

Pooja Duration: 2 hours to 3 hours.

This Homam can be performed either at Home or at Temple.

Sudarsana Homam Benefits

  • Removes negative effects
  • Protection from all evil effects
  • Recovers from health ailments
  • Removes all hurdles in the business
  • Positive vibrations
  • Bless with the victory against enemies
  • Removes Drishti Dosha
  • Graha Dosha Nivarana
  • removes enemies at all points

Auspicious day for Sudarsana Homam

  • Swati Nakshatra day
  • Swati Nakshatra and Dwadasi day
  • Dwadasi day
  • Ekadasi day
  • Purnima
  • Dates that fall on a Wednesday and Saturday
  • Buddha Horas
  • Akshaya Tritiya

Sudarsana Chakra Mantram in telugu

  • This Mantra has to be chanted properly. Take bath or Head bath and read this Mantra in the morning or evening hours.
  • Read this Mantra daily on 11 or 21 or 108 counts either sitting inside Pooja room or at Temple.
  • If you are planning to chant above 108 times, then Vada Pappu and Panakam (Jaggery and water) have to be offered to the deity.
  • Chant this Mantra for 21 days before having food.

This Mantra removes Enemies, Graha Dosha Nivarana, success in all angles and growth in business.

Sudarsna Mantra to chant Daily

Those who are seeking blessings of Lord Sudarsana can chant this Mantra daily.

Om Namo Bhagavathe Mahasudarshanaya Deepthre, Jwalapareethaya Sarvadigshobhanakaraya Brahmane Para Jyothishe,Hum Paht Swaha

Chant this Mantra for 21 days daily in the morning hours

Sudarsana Homam Pooja procedure

  • Sankalpam (One day before the Homam)
  • Ganapathi Pooja
  • Sudarsana Manthra Japam.
  • Sudarshana Ashtottaram
  • Sri Sudarsana Homa Maha Sankalpam
  • Process of Invoking the deities, Lord Kumbam, Lord Varuna, Goddess Lakshmi, Lord Narayana and Lord Sudarsana.
  • Followed by Shodasopachara Aaradhana.
  • Agni Prathishta
  • Sri Sudarsana Shadakshari will be performed for 108 times along with Aahuthi
  • Poornahuthi (Offering to the Lord thru Yagna Gundam)
  • After the Poornahuthi, all the devotees perform Pradakshina around Yagna Gundam and chant Sri Sudarsan Ashtakam.
  • The Holy Ash from the Yagna Gundam will be applied on the forehead, thus marks the completion.

Pooja Dress: Men to wear White Dhoti/ Pancha. Must remove shirt and Vest. Can perform with Upper cloth. A female devotee to wear Saree.

For more details, Please call @ 85000 87012

Sudarsana Homam Pooja at Temples

This Homam will be performed at all Narasimha Kshetra. Ahobilam, Antarvedi, Simhachalam, Yadadri, Vedadri, Kadiri Narasimha Swamy Temple etc. In temples, this Pooja will be performed for the group of devotees. Advance booking required for this Pooja.