Subramanya Pasupatha Homam

Subramanya Pasupatha Homam Details, Procedure and Cost

Pooja Cost: Rs.17500

Pooja duration: 2 hours to 2 hours 30 mins.

Dress Code: Men to wear Dhoti and Upper Cloth. Women to wear Saree or other traditional dress.

Kala Sarpa Dosha Types

  • Ananta Kalasarpa Dosha
  • Kulika Kalasarpa Dosha
  • Vasuki Kalasarpa Dosha
  • Sankhapala Kalasarpa Dosha
  • Padma Kalasarpa Dosha
  • Mahapadma Kalasarpa Dosha
  • Takshaka Kalasarpa Dosha
  • Karkotaka Kalasarpa Dosha
  • Sankhanath Kalasarpa Dosha
  • Pathak Kalasarpa Dosha
  • Vishkat Kalasarpa Dosha
  • Seshnag Kalasarpa Dosha

Subramanya Pasupatha Homam Benefits

  • Removes All types Kala Sarpa Dosha
  • For Good family relationship,
  • Removes fear and mental block,
  • To overcome financial loss and debts
  • Removes ill-effects from black magic and evil eyes
  • Removes Ancestral Cruses
  • Good health and prosperity.
  • For Kuja or Mangala Dosha Nivarana
  • Removes Dosha related to pregnancy delay
  • Removes dosha related to Marriage delay

Sarpa Dosha will have different forms. The Serpent can take rebirth as your son or daughter. Who behaves weirdly and will not listen to their parent’s instructions. Their acts will take out mental peace in the family. To overcome such critical issues Subramanya Pasupatha Homam is advisable.

Best days for Subramanya Pasupatha Homam

  • Subramanya Sashti is the best day
  • Other Sashti Days
  • Day as suggested by the astrologer based on the birth chart.

Pooja instructions to the devotees

  • Not to perform pooja during Menstrual cycle
  • Advisable to perform Pooja 8 days after Menstrual cycle
  • Have to perform this Pooja in fast.
  • Not to consume Non-Veg before and after Pooja for 3 days.

For more details, Please call @ 85000 87012

Advance booking is advisable for Poojas at Srisailam.

Auspicious Days for Subramanya Pasupatha Homam


Auspicious Dates

Apr 2023


May 2023


Jun 2023


Jul 2023


Aug 2023


Sep 2023


Oct 2023


Nov 2023

11Nov, 20Nov, 27Nov

Dec 2023

4Dec, 11Dec

Jan 2024


Feb 2024


Mar 2024

8Mar (Maha Sivaratri)

Apr 2024