Srisailam Temple Hair Offering

Srisailam Temple Hair Offering Timings, Cost, Advance booking

Kalyanakatta Timings: 5:00 am – 9:00 pm

Event nameTicket cost
Putti Ventrukalu (Baby’s first time offering)Rs.15
Kesa Khandana (Tonsuring)Rs.15
Moodu Katterlu (Three Scissors)Rs.15

Advance or online booking is not available. It is on arrival ticket purchase at the counter. No extra amount to be paid for the staff.

Kalyanakatta Location

  1. 0.5 km from Circle close to bus station.
  2. Bathing rooms are also available at this place.

Ear boring

  1. Ear boring will also be done at this place.
  2. Ear Boring can be done at Cottage as well with little extra charges.

Reference Link: Timings



    Hi Sir i want hair offering (puttu ventrukalu) service timing on (08/03/2019) please inform me