Srisailam Room Booking Online in Satram

Srisailam Room Booking Online Procedure, Room tariff for Ac and Non-Ac

Terms and Conditions for Srisailam Stay

  1. The room will not be allotted for single occupancy
  2. Room check-in will be denied for unmarried or unrelated couples
  3. Stay for more than 2 days in Srisailam might need special permission from the local police station
  4. Photo ID proof is mandatory for room check-in
  5. Booking receipt printout is required at the time of check-in
  6. Standard check-in and checkout ie 8:00 am to 8:00 am
  7. The Room or Cottage which was particularly booked can only be allotted subject to availability.

Srisailam Ac Room Online Booking

Cottage NameRoom Tariff
Velama SatramRs.900
Arya Vysya Nitya Annadana SatramRs.900
Bhagavan Sri Krishna Nitya Annadana SatramRs.900
Chandeeswara SadanRs.500
Devathilakula Annadana SatramRs.1000
Ganga SadanRs.700
Gouri SadanRs.700
Hindu Mala Annadana SatramRs.1000
Kakatiya Kamma Vari SatramRs.1000
Karikala Bhakta SadanRs.850
Karna Bhakta Samkshema CommitteeRs.1000
Krishna Devaraya Charitable TrustRs.800
Sri Uma Ramalingeswara SatramRs.800
Srisaila Sailvahana Kummarla Nitya Annadana SatramRs.1000
Vadderula Nitya Annadana SatramRs.1000
Vasavi SatramRs.999
Yogivemareddy Nitya Annadana SatramRs.1000

The above-mentioned charges might differ from the actual

Srisailam Non-Ac Room Online Booking

Cottage NameRoom Rent
Velama SatramRs.500
Arya Vysya Anna SatramRs.400
Bhagvan Srikrishna Nitya Annadana SatramRs.600
Chandeeswara SadanRs.250
Devathilakula Annadana SatramRs.600
Hindu Mala Annadana SatramRs.500
Kakatiya Kamma Vari SatramRs.500
Karikala Bhakta SadanRs.500
Karna Bhakta Samkshema CommitteeRs.500
Krishna Devaraya Charitable TrustRs.400
Mudhiraj Nitya Annadana SatramRs.500
Padmashaliya Nitya Annadana SatramRs.500
Reddy Welfare AssociationRs.500
Sarangadhareswara Rastriya SevapeethaRs.500
Shri Siddheswar Nitya Annadana SatramRs.500
Sri Beerappa Swami SadanRs.600
Sri Gouri Shankara Sagara Uppara SatramRs.600
Sri Suryabhagavan Nitya Annadana SatramRs.500
Sri Uma Ramalingeswara SatramRs.500
Sri Vidya PeetamRs.600

The above-mentioned charges might differ from the actual