Srisailam Hyderabad Bus Route Timings

Srisailam Hyderabad Bus Route Timings, Distance and Bus Type

S.NoService NameStarting TimeBus TypeDistance
1Secunderabad4:00 amSuper Luxury241
2Sangareddy4:30 amExpress289
4Secunderabad5:30 amDeluxe241
5Secunderabad6:00 amExpress241
6Secunderabad6:30 amDeluxe241
7Jaheerabad6:45 amExpress400
8Karimnagar7:00 amExpress 
9Warangal7:30 amExpress 
10Secunderabad8:00 amSuper Luxury241
11Narayanakhed8:00 amExpress365
12Secunderabad8:30 amSuper Luxury241
13Narasampet8:30 amExpress403
14Secunderabad9:00 amSuper Luxury241
15Secunderabad9:30 amSuper Luxury241
16Narasampet9:30 amExpress403
17Godavarikhani10:00 amExpress 
18Secunderabad10:00 amSuper Luxury241
19Secunderabad 11:00 amSuper Luxury241
20Secunderabad12:15 pmExpress241
21Secunderabad1:00 pmDeluxe241
22Secunderabad1:30 pmSuper Luxury241
23Secunderabad2:00 pmExpress241
24Sangareddy2:00 pmExpress289
25Secunderabad2:30 pmDeluxe241
26Secunderabad3:00 pmDeluxe241
27Yadadri3:15 pmExpress282
28Secunderabad3:30 pmDeluxe241
29Secunderabad4:00 pmDeluxe241
30Secunderabad4:30 pmSuper Luxury241
31Secunderabad5:00 pmExpress241
32Secunderabad5:30 pmExpress241
33Secunderabad6:00 pmSuper Luxury241
34Secunderabad6:30 pmSuper Luxury241
35Secunderabad7:00 pmExpress241
36Secunderabad7:30 pmSuper Luxury241
37Secunderabad8:00 pmDeluxe241

Srisailam Hyderabad Bus Route Timings

  1. Express is a normal bus type which is 50 seater
  2. In Ultra Deluxe, seats are little inclined and is 40 seater
  3. Super Luxury is 36 seater bus with comfortable seating.
  4. Telugu Velugu is an ordinary bus which doesn’t need advance booking and this bus stops at every point.

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