Slotted Sarva Darshan Ticket Counters

Slotted Sarva Darshan Ticket Counters in Tirupati from 1Nov onwards,

Sarva Darshan dress code: Any decent outfit.

Please carry Aadhar Card to avail Slotted Sarva Darshan tokens in Tirupati. The devotee is requested to report at VQC-II on the mentioned timings.

SSD Tokens Counters: Bhudevi Complex, Srinivasam and II NC in Tirupati

Counter Timings: Open for 24 hours, till quota exhaust for the day.

Slotted Sarva Darshan Ticket Counters

TTD has set up 30 counters with 10 each at Bhudevi Complex, Srinivasam and IINC in Tirupati to issue Slotted Sarva Darshanam (SSD) from November 1 onwards. It has been decided to resume the issuance of SSD tokens to devotees in Tirupati every day till the prescribed quota exhausts for the day.

The devotees will get darshan only at the scheduled time on their tokens. Those who did not get tokens will have to go to Vaikuntham 2 and wait in compartments and queue lines till their turn for darshan.

Saturdays, Sundays and Mondays 25000 tokens will be issued while on the remaining days 15000 tokens. The issuance of tokens will commence from midnight onwards that is from 00:00H of November 1 and ID cards to book for darshan tokens are mandatory.

Day Tokens Quota
Monday 25000
Tuesday 15000
Wednesday 15000
Thursday 15000
Friday 15000
Saturday 25000
Sunday 25000

Tirumala News Updates

  1. The SRIVANI ticket holders both online and offline will be provided accommodation at Madhavam rest house in Tirupati.
  2. VIP Darshan timings from early hours to 8 am from December 1 onwards on a trial basis.


The main idol of Sri Venkateshwara is donned with the Tirunamam of sandal powder, Karpooram, and Kasturi once a week after the Friday Abhisekam.

On Thursdays, during the Sadalimpu period (when ornaments are changed) Tirunamam is slightly reduced to make lords eyes visible. The Tirunamam also hailed as Tirumanikappu comprised, of 16 tolas of Pachcha Karpooram and 1.5 tolas of Kasturi.

The bright red figure in the Tirunamam signified the Atma (soul). Many devotees wear Tirunamam on their shoulders, chest, back etc. indicating that they were ardent followers and Sevaks of Sri Venkateshwara.