Siddeshwara Temple Hemavathi

Siddeshwara Temple Hemavathi

Siddeshwara Temple Hemavathi nearby Amarapuram, Anantapur district. In this temple Lord siva appears in the human form and is very rare to find this form of Idol.


Siddeshwara Temple Hemavathi History

This temples has four famous Siva shrines which were built and patronized by Pallavas during 7th and 8th century. Hemavathi was the capital city of Noolamba Pallava dynasty , a small dynasty which heads 32,000 villages. This temple had a glorious times during the period of King Raja Mahendra of Noolamba dynasty. This Temple has both Pallava and Chola’s style of temple architecture.

About Noolamba Dynasty

Noolamba dynastical origin is associated with that of Pallavas, they were the governors to their kingdoms, is stated that they are related to Pallava’s families. Their earlier capital was Chitradurga, and their peak of their rule they shifted their capital to Henjeri (present day Hemavathi). Ancient Nolambavandi consisted of Chitradurga, a part of Hassan, Tumkur, Bangalore, Bellary and Kolar (Karnataka), North Arcot, Dharmapuri and Coimbatore ( Tamil Nadu), Anantapur, Chittoor in A.P. Mangala Nomabathi Raja (735 – 785 A.D) was the originator of the Noolamba dynasty.

Temple Architecture

Noolamba artists beautifully sculptured the temple walls and pillars inside the mantap. Among the four Siddheswara, Virupaksheswara, Malleswara and Doddeswara Temples, the last one is famous of its six feet high Siva Linga. The walls are covered with the images sculptured and narrates the stories from the great epics Mahabharatha and Ramayana. Nandi at the temple entrance is made out of which is made out black granite and is 8 feet in length and 4 ft in height.

Siddeshwara Temple Hemavathi Festivals.

Rathotsavam will be held during the months of Feb or March, which depends on the Hindu Calendar months. Devotees from Andhra pradesh, Karanataka used to participate in this festival.


How to reach Siddeshwara Temple Hemavathi?

  1. Temple is 148 km from Anantapur.
  2. Nearest railway station is at Hindupur which is 70 km from Hemavathi.


Siddeshwara Temple Hemavathi


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