Sani Trayodasi 2021 Dates and Timings, Abhishekam Cost

Sani Trayodasi 2021 Dates and Timings, Pooja procedure

Pooja Ticket cost: Rs.200 to Rs.516

Preferable Dress Code

Male: Wearing Black Pancha/ Dhoti is advisable. Not to wear Shirt or Vest during the Pooja.

Female: Saree with blouse/ Punjabi Dress with Dupatta / Chudidhar with Dupatta/ Half Saree

The crowd will be high on Sani Trayodasi date. Most of the Shani Bhagawan temples will be crowded.

Sani Trayodasi 2021 Dates

Month Date
Apr24 Apr 2021Before Pournami
May14 May 2021Before Pournami
28 May 2021Before Amavasya
Sep4 Sep 2021Before Amavasya
18 Sep 2021Before Pournami
Oct22 Oct 2021Before Amavasya
Nov5 Nov 2021Before Pournami
Jan 15 Jan 2022Before Pournami

Sani Trayodasi Pooja Procedure

  • The devotee can perform Thailabhishekam or Ekadasa Rudrabhishekam for better results.
  • Offering black clothes or donating Sesame seeds are advisable.
  • performing Thailabhishekam on Masa Sivaratri days is also advisable

Masa Sivaratri 2021 Dates

Jan 202111 Jan
Feb 202110 Feb
11 Feb
Apr 202110 Apr
May 202109 May
Jun 202108 Jun
Jul 202108 Jul
Aug 202106 Aug
Sep 202105 Sep
Oct 20214 Oct
Nov 20213 Nov
Dec 20212 Dec

Sani Trayodasi Pooja benefits

  • Reduces the malefic effects of Shani Graha
  • Mental peace
  • Business growth
  • Career growth
  • Removes obstacles in judicial cases
  • Family wellbeing

Sani Trayodasi Day Pooja Instructions

  • Getting early before sunrise is advisable
  • Must take head bath and visit the nearby temple to perform Thailabhishekam
  • Donate sesame seeds to the priest over there
  • Please perform Pooja while on fasting for good results
  • Chant Beeja Mantra or sloka for 108 or 1000 times
  • Light meal for the dinner is advisable after sunset
  • Preferable Dress Colour Indigo (Neel or Jambukee or Neeli Rangu), if not available then go for black colour.