Sani Trayodasi 2020 Dates

Sani Trayodasi 2020 Dates, Pooja Timings and Ticket cost

As per the Legend, Sani Bhagawan was born in the Month of Vaisakha on Trayodasi day. Hence, performing Thailabhishekam to Shani Bhagawan will reduce the malefic effects of Shani Dosha.

Sani Trayodasi 2020 Dates

Date Day
7Mar 2020 Saturday Before Pournami
21Mar 2020 Saturday Before Amavasya
18Jul 2020 Saturday Before Amavasya
1Aug 2020 Saturday Before Pournami
28Nov 2020 Saturday Before Pournami
12Dec 2020 Saturday Before Amavasya

Things to perform on Sani Trayodasi day

  1. Advisable to donated black clothes on this special day.
  2. Performing Pooja to Shani Bhagawan which black sesame seeds
  3. Donating Black male buffalo (Not mandatory)
  4. Wearing black clothes (Advisable)
  5. Offering Naivedyam to Crow
  6. Performing Abhishekam with Sesame oil

Chanting the below-mentioned Sloka for 108 or 1000 times daily for 40 days will yield best results

konam, neelanjana prakyam, mandacheysta prasarinam
chaya maartanda sambhootam, namashyami shanicharam


Chant the below said Beeja Mantra for 108 times or 1000 times

Om Sham Shanicharaya Namah

Instructions to follow for Sani Trayodasi Day

  • Must wake up early before sunrise
  • After having a head bath, perform Abhishekam to Shani Bhagawan
  • Donate black sesame seeds and feed crows
  • Chanting Beeja Mantra or sloka for 108 or 1000 times
  • Performing the above-said activities in fasting will yield good results.
  • Have fruits or light meal for the dinner is advisable.
  • Preferable Dress Colour Indigo (Neel or Jambukee or Neeli Rangu), if not available then go for black colour.

For more details on the Pooja procedure, please call @ 85000 85151

Sani Trayodasi 2020 Dates

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