Sangameswara Swamy Veerapunayunipalle

Sangameswara Swamy Veerapunayunipalle

Sangameswara Swamy Veerapunayunipalle, Kamalapuram, Kadapa.  Lord Siva temple located on the banks of Papagni river. Temple is located at the junction of Papagni nd Mogamooru rivers. In Telugu Sangamam means  Intersection, that is why this temple got the name Sangameswara Swamy Temple. Many tools, coins, pots belonging to Sathavahana and Chola period were unearthed near this temple.

This temple is adorned with beautiful Gopuram, Mantap, adorned with wonderful sculptures of Siva, Ganesha, Nataraja, Rama, Anjaneya and many beautiful carvings from epics.


Legend of Sangameswara Swamy Veerapunayunipalle

Idol of Siva here was installed by Sage Agastya. As per sthalapuranam, Saptha rushi did penance on the banks Papagni, used to perform pooja and abhishekam. This temple is of Vijayanagar culture and architecture, built in the 14th century.

How Sangameswara Idol came to existence?

King from Surya Vamsha dynasty used to rule the Sangameswara region and is a cow baron. To feed cows, Cowherd take the cows to the forest for feeding. Cowherd noticed that one cow is not yielding any milk. He followed the cow and noticed that cow is emptying her udder every day, over the ant-hill. The cowherd informed the same to the King. King recovered the Sangameswara Swamy from the ant-hill and built the temple.


Sangameswara Swamy Temple Address

Animela,  Veerapunayanipalle Mandal, Kadapa Distrct, Andhra Pradesh.


Temple Timings

Morning Hours: 6 am  – 1 pm.

Evening Hours: 2 pm – 8 pm


How to reach Sangameswara Swamy Veerapunayunipalle?

  1. Temple is 50 km from Kadapa Bus station.
  2. Proddatur is  34 km from animela bus station.
  3. Veerpunayunipalle bus station connects with nearby places like vempally, Proddatur, Kadapa
  4. From Tirupati, it is 3 hours 30 mins drive. Temple located at a distance of 190 km.


Sangameswara Swamy Veerapunayunipalle


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