Sabarimala Padi Pooja

Sabarimala Padi Pooja Timings, Cost, Online Booking, Procedure

Pooja duration: 1 hour

Pooja procedure

  1. Pooja will be performed for 18 holy steps by Tantri.
  2. This pooja will be held in the evening hours after Pushpabhishekam on specific days.
  3. This Pooja will be performed after performing floral bath to the deity in Srikovil.
  4. During this Pooja, the holy steps will be decorated with flowers and Silk Cloth in the middle and Ghee Lamps on either side.
  5. At the end, Tantri will offer Aarti for the holy steps marking the conclusion.
  6. Thousands of devotees gather near to the steps to watch this holy event.

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  1. Rajeshkhanna Murugesan

    What is the PADI pooja date