Sabarimala Neyyabhishekam

Sabarimala Neyyabhishekam Timings, Cost, Online Booking, Pooja procedure

Timings: 4:00 am – 1:00 pm. This abhisheka will be performed daily during temple opening dates.

Ticket Cost: Rs.10

Sabarimala Neyyabhishekam procedure

  1. Ghee filled coconut will be used to perform this Abhishekam.
  2. The devotee usually carries Ghee filled coconuts.
  3. After Having Darshan, the Guruswamy (Group leader) will make Viri.
  4. Guruswamy after taking a holy dip in Bhasmakulam break the coconuts and collect the Ghee.
  5. The collected Ghee will be offered at Srikovil.
  6. The temple priest will perform Neyyabhishekam to the deity.
  7. Part of the offered Ghee will be returned to Guruswamy as the Prasad.
  8. The devotee who doesn’t have Ghee Filled coconuts can also perform Neyyabhishekam.
  9. Adiyashistam Neyyu is the facility available for the devotees who don’t have Ghee coconuts.

Online Booking Procedure

  1. The ticket can be booked online well in advance.
  2. One person will be allowed per ticket and cost Rs.10 each.
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