Ranganatha Swamy Temple

Ranganatha Swamy Temple

Ranganatha Swamy Temple located in Pulivendula Town, Kadapa District, Andhra Pradesh.

Sri Ranganatha temple is religious centre of Sri Vaishnavism propagated by Saint Ramanujam from Sri Rangam.

Temple History

Ranganatha Swamy Temple which was raised by Sri Krishna Devaraya of  Vijayanagar Dynasty during 16th century is a historical place. This temple reminds the great culture and architecture of Vijayanagar dynasty.

Kaveri River forms three small sacred islands in its river stretch in Karnakata and Tamil Nadu at Adi Ranga at Sri Rangapatna , Madhya Ranga at ( Sri RanganathaSwamy Temple) Pulivendula and Antya Ranga at Srirangam.


How to reach Sri RanganathaSwamy Temple ?

  1. It is 15 mins drive from Pulivendula Town.
  2. 73 km from Kadapa Town, it takes 1 hour 15 mins y Road
  3. 195 km from Tirupati, 4 hours drive by Road.


Sri RanganathaSwamy Temple Gallery


Reference Link: Ranganatha Swamy Temple History



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