Ranganatha Swamy Temple Bolikonda

Ranganatha Swamy Temple Bolikonda Anantapur District. Ranganatha Swamy can be seen here in reclining position on his couch Anantha Sesha.

Ranganatha Swamy Temple Bolikonda Legends

Ranganatha Swamy Temple is located on hilltop ‘Swetha Giri’  (Swetha means pure, Giri means hill). Here, Hill rocks appear to be in white colour so it came to know as Swetha Giri. Some say that White colour rock patches resemble like that of Bolli (In English Vitiligo disease) so locals started the calling hills by BolliKonda.

Legends go this way, Lord Maha Vishnu started relaxing on these hills for some time during his visit to the Earth. Knowing this, sages who were residing nearby the hills, approached and started praying the Lord. Lord Maha Vishnu impressed with their sincere prayers and stayed here on this hills as requested. It is said that, as time passes by the actual idol got disappeared, so locals installed Rangantha Swamy Idol at the same place and started offering prayers.

Temple History

During Vijayanagara times, this region was called by Pennabadi Seema. This temple was built and patronized by Pemmasani rulers. Lord here also called by Ranganayakulu. Car Festival will be celebrated in a grand during the months of Feb and march, which varies with Hindu Calendar.

How to reach Ranganatha Swamy Temple Bolikonda?

  1. One should get down at Thondapadu village, which is on the highway from Tadipatri to Guthi. The direct bus is available from Tadipatri to Guthi. From Tadipatri, Thondapadu is 76 km away.
  2. By train one can reach Guthi Railway Junction, and from Guthi to Thondapadu it is 21 km by road.
  3. From Thondapadu village entrance, it is a kilometre trekking to the hilltop.

Ranganatha Swamy Temple Bolikonda

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