Pushpagiri Temple

Pushpagiri Temple is a divine Advaitha Kshetra in Vallur Mandala, Kadapa District. Sri Jagadguru Sankaracharya Pushpagiri Mahasamsthanam (Pushpagiri Peetam) is located in this village. This is only Advaita Mutt in Andhra Pradesh. Temple is located on the banks of Pennar river. This place was said to be mentioned in the Valmiki’s Sundarakanda Chapter of Ramayana. Pushpagiri is also called second Hampi, due to beautiful architecture.

Pushpagiri Temple History

On stylistic grounds, this temple belongs to Late Chalukya or early Yadava period i.e 12 – 13th century A.D. Chenna Kesava Idol inside the temple is a later addition. The finest sculptures on the outer walls of the temple are of the Late Chalukya or Early Yadava period. Every inch of the main temple is filled with great sculptures.  Another interesting thing, Sri Jagadguru Aadi Sankaracharya Swamy installed Sri Chakra Yantra here.

There are three temples located within the Temple compound –  Kamaleshwara Temple, Hachaleswara Temple and Pallaveswara Temple, founded in 1255 A.D and hence the name Trikooteswara. These three temples share the same Mukha Mantap.

The Vaidyanatheswara Swamy temple is a west facing temple built during chola period.

Pushpagiri Chennakesava Temple

Temple is situated on the other side of the Pennar river. There are two Siva temples within the premises, Santana Malleswara Swamy and Uma Maheswara.  There is another temple of Sakshi Malleswara Swamy built in the 10th century.

The sculptures and carvings on the outer walls are marvellous, Dancing statues with 8 hands, Sri Yoga Narasimha Swamy, Nataraja Swamy, Family of Siva with Vahanams, Bhakta Kanappa, Vishnu forms, Krishna preaching Gita to Arjuna, Mahisasura Mardini,  and many more interesting carvings on the outer walls.

There is a sacred theertham (Pool) within the temple premises, which is called as Amrutha Sarovar (Nectar Lake).

Belief is that this theertham holds magical powers, bathing here reverse the ageing.

Legend associated with Amrutha Sarovar

When Garuda carrying Amrutham ( Nectar) from Indra Lokam, a drop fell down and turned into a holy theertham. Power of this theertham came to know when a farmer in distress tried to suicide by jumping into this theertham and found himself turned into young man. He then made his wife and oxen take a dip in this theertham and they all regained their youth. When the news of the theertham reached Satya Lokam (Braham Lokam), Brahma worried about its existence and sought help from Lord Maha Vishnu and Lord Siva. Lord Siva ordered Lord Hanuman to drop a mountain on top of it. Astonishingly, the mountain started floating instead of sinking. Then Lord Vishnu and Siva clamped their feet at its side so that mountain will not float again. Imprints of Lord Vishnu and Siva can be seen here. The footprint of Siva became famous as Rudra Padam and Maha Vishnu as Vishnu Padam.

How to reach Pushpagiri Temple?

  1. 24 km from Kadapa
  2. Trains available from Tirupati to Kadapa at high frequency
  3. By Road, it takes 3 hours from Tirupati.

Pushpagiri Temple Gallery

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