Poovarasankuppam Narasimha Temple

Poovarasankuppam Narasimha Temple

Poovarasankuppam Narasimha Temple History, Timings, Route, Darshan

Poovarasankuppam Narasimha Temple History

As per the Legend, Narasimha an Incarnation of Lord Vishnu anger does not subside even after killing the demon King Hiranyakasyap. He started roaming in the forests and hills. It is said that Lord Narasimhar offered Darshan to Saptha Rishi at this place. As Rishi’s can’t bear the heat emerging from Lord Narasimha prayed Goddess Amirthavalli to calm him down. Pleased goddess Sat on Narasimhar Lap and looked at Perumal with one eye and Rishis with another eye. This is the only temple in the world where Goddess Looks at Devotees and her Lord at a time.

One of the Pallava kings embraced Jainism and started demolishing the temples. Saint Narahari raised his voice against the king for his acts. King sentenced the Sage to the imprisonment and death. Angered Saint cursed the King with Brahma Hathya Dosham. Due to Curse, the king had the tough time and realized his mistake. King started searching for the Saint to get rid of the curse. While on his search he took nap under ‘Poovarasan tree’, the Lord appeared in his dream and instructed that he will be relieved from the curse. He got up and started looking around for the Lord. A leaf with the image of Lord Lakshmi Narasimha dropped on the king. The saint came before him and revoked the curse. The king built temple Lord at Poovarasan Kuppam and appointed Saint Narahari to look after.


The major festivals are Annual Brahmotsavam which runs for 10 days during Chittirai month. Narasimha Jayanthi and Vaikasi Garuda Seva will be celebrated in a grand. Temple will be thronged with thousands of devotees on these days.

Poovarasankuppam Narasimha Temple Timings

Morning Hours: 4:30 am – 12:30 pm

Evening Hours: 4:00 pm – 8:00 pm

The above-mentioned temple timings might change on special days.

How to reach Poovarasankuppam Narasimha Temple?

By Air

  1. The nearest airport is at Chennai which is 160 Km away.
  2. Puducherry airport is 40 Km away.

By Train

  1. The nearest Railway station is at Villupuram which is 19 Km away.

By Road

  1. The direct bus is available from Villupuram to the temple.


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