Pitru Dosh Puja in badrinath Cost and Procedure

Pitru Dosh Puja in badrinath Cost, Puja details and Booking Procedure

Pind daan in brahma kapal

The Brahma Kapal ghat is present in Badrinath Dham in the Himalayan state of Uttarakhand in India and is constantly splashed by the cool waters of the alakananda river.

It is frequently visited by pilgrims who come to perform pind daan for their forefathers and mothers. According to the skanda purana doing pind daan at Badrinath Kshetra is eight times better than performing at gaya kshetra.

Pitra dosh can be attributed to three major causes

  1. Effects of the planets.
  2. One’s karma.
  3. Deeds of ancestors.

Pitru Dosh Puja Procedure in Badrinath

  1. A person has to come one day before the date of the muhurta.
  2. Once the pooja starts person cannot leave the place where the pooja takes place till the pooja vidhi is completed.
  3. Take an oath to satisfy all the known and unknown pitras with a lightened lamp with pure ghee.
  4. Recite 16 mala of this mantra each day.
  5. One can also recite one mala of this mantra for 16 shraadh.
  6. A person has to bring only new clothes like a white dhoti for males and other than black green and plain white color saree for women.
  7. They should eat food without onion, or garlic food on those pooja days.
  8. After finishing give some food to brahmins or cows.
  9. One can also give food to poor and needy people.
  10. People cannot have non-veg and alcohol for the next 41 days including pooja day.

Effects of pitru dosh

  1. The person faces financial and physical problems due to continuous sickness.
  2. Failing to achieve success in any work he starts lacking mental peace and stability.
  3. Unfavorable environment and arguments over small things in personal and social life.
  4. It could lead to miscarriage during the conceiving.
  5. Children with pitru dosh may face physical or mental disabilities either later or from birth.

Benefits of pitru dosh nivaran puja

  1. This puja is beneficial to recover from the bad condition in the family and lead a successful and progressive life again.
  2. It also removes hurdles in professional and career life by proving greater opportunities to progress.
  3. It also removes hurdles in professional and career life.
  4. Couples facing childbirth problems will be blessed with a healthy baby.
  5. It also removes health issues.

Pitru dosh Puja cost in Badrinath

The cost of pitru dosh pooja depends upon the number of days. Pitra dosh pooja is a three days pooja that does not cost high and can be easily paid by suggested by purohits who help perform the pooja.

Remedies of pitru dosh

  1. Give food to Brahmins on every Amavasya.
  2. Donate food, clothes, and blankets.
  3. Chant the mantras of devi kalika stotram.

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Month Pitru Dosh Puja 2023 Dates
Jan 2023  1Jan , 4Jan , 8Jan , 12Jan , 15Jan , 19Jan , 22Jan , 28Jan , 31Jan
Feb 2023 4Feb, 7Feb, 10Feb, 15Feb, 19Feb, 24Feb,28Feb
Mar 2023 4Mar, 7Mar, 10Mar, 14Mar, 18Mar, 24Mar, 28Mar, 31Mar
Apr 2023 3Apr, 7Apr, 11Apr, 14Apr, 20Apr, 23Apr, 27Apr, 30Apr
May 2023 3May, 7May,12May, 17May, 20May, 25May, 28May, 31May
Jun 2023 3Jun, 8Jun, 14Jun, 17Jun, 21Jun, 24Jun, 28Jun
Jul 2023 1Jul ,5Jul, 11Jul, 15Jul, 18Jul, 22Jul,26Jul, 29Jul
Aug 2023 2Aug, 7Aug, 11Aug, 15Aug, 18Aug, 22Aug, 26Aug, 29Aug
Sep 2023 3Sep, 8Sep,11Sep, 14Sep, 22Sep, 25Sep, 30Sep
Oct 2023 3Oct, 6Oct, 9Oct, 12Oct, 20Oct, 23Oct, 28Oct, 31Oct
Nov 2023 4Nov, 7Nov, 16Nov, 19Nov, 25Nov, 28Nov
Dec 2023 2Dec, 5Dec, 9Dec, 13Dec, 16Dec, 22Dec, 25Dec, 29Dec