Penchalakona Rathasapthami

Penchalakona Rathasapthami Date and Timings, Vahanam details

Month Day Timings Vahanam Details
Magham Suddha Saptami (Ratha Sapthami) 6:00 am Surya Prabha Vahana Seva
    11:00 am Garuda Seva
    4:00 pm Hanumantha Seva  
    6:00 pm Chandra Prabha Seva

Entry fee not required for Darshan and Vahana Sevas.

Penchalakona Rathasapthami Pooja timings might differ.

How to reach Temple?

Direct buses are available From Gudur Bus station, Near Railway station To Rapur. From Rapur, one can reach Penchalakona.

Those who are planning from Chennai, South Gudur is the nearest station. From Chennai Central to Nellore, Local sub trains are available with fare Rs. 35 To 40 for 110 Km

Reference Link: Temple History