Pedakakani Marriage Procedure

Pedakakani Marriage Procedure, Timings, Cost and Booking

Marriage Cost: Rs.8500 – Rs.9500.

Marriage Duration: 2 -3 hours.

Pedakakani Marriage Procedure

Documents Required:

From Bride: Aadhaar Card, 10th Class Certificate, Parents Aadhaar Cards

From Bride Groom: Aadhaar Card, 10th Class Certificate, Parents Aadhaar Cards.

On parents absence, Please carry Death Certificate and Relatives Aadhaar Cards.

Items Arranged

  1. Pooja Samagari
  2. Melam
  3. Purohit
  4. Dakshina Included.

Items Not available

  1. Hall Decoration
  2. Food
  3. Marriage Dress

Advance booking required for the Marriage at this temple. Hall decoration and Food arrangements are not included. Temple priest will be performing the marriage.

Outside Temple:

Marriage Cost: Rs.9500 – Rs.10500

Melam and Food are not included in the Marriage Price.

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