Pashupatinath Rudrabhishek

Pashupatinath Rudrabhishek Timigs, Ticket Cost, Online Booking

Timings: 6:00 am – 12:00 pm. Daily.

Puja duration: 30 – 60 mins.

Dress Code: Male devotee to remove Shirt and Vest before entering Garbha Griha. Female devotee to wear traditional dress.

S.No Puja Cost
1 Panchamrit Puja With Rudrabshek and Balbog Rs.5100
2 Panchamrit Puja At Laghurudravishek Rs.11000
3 Panchamrit Puja With Rudrabshek and Purabhog Rs.27000
4 Panchamrit Puja With Laghurudrabshek and
Purabog and 1.25 Lacs Deep
5 Nityabhog Whole Day Puja Rs.1,56,000

Pashupatinath Rudrabhishek Procedure

  1. 11 priests will be performing Laghurudrabhishek.
  2. Chandan and Holy garland will be offered as Prasad.
  3. 1.25 Lac Deep will be lit with sesame oil.
  4. The devotees are allowed to perform Abhishek to the main deity.
  5. Sparsh Darshan available during this Puja.

Puja Benefits

  1. Good health
  2. Recover from illness
  3. Removes the fear of death
  4. Peace of mind
  5. Longevity.
  6. Family wellbeing.
  7. Good career.
  8. Removes obstacles in the work.

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